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While it is true that the people of the world are divided into two groups- one who likes dogs and the other who likes cats- we have to agree on the fact that they both are cute in their own ways.

I will save the topic of cats for some other day. For now, let us focus on the cats. But not just any cat. In this article, I am going to guide you through certain facts about the American Shorthair cats.

So if you want to know more about this breed of cats, keep on reading this article till the end…

American Shorthair

American shorthair kitten

The American Shorthair cat is a breed that is native to the United States of America. These cats were brought by the settlers who had traveled to the country from different parts of Europe in order to kill the mice on their decks.

However, after they kept their paws on the land, these cats made the New World their very own.

They are best known for their active and playful nature. At the same time, they are also called working cats for their muscular body or build. They are also very famous for being the breed of cat which has very high endurance.

If you are thinking about how to identify an American Shorthair, I have got you covered. Jump to the next section to find out about the personality and the appearance of the American Shorthair.

😺 Appearance

The American Shorthair cats are known for their strong and muscular build. They are the kind of cats that have very well-developed shoulders. They are generally medium-sized cats with a much rounder head.

The head of the American Shorthair cat is pretty large when compared to the Abyssinian cats. The head of the cat is slightly longer than wider.

The jaws are more potent, and the coat is thicker than many other cats. However, just as the name of the cat suggests, the cat has short and dense hair or coat.

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On the other hand, the breed of +9 is found in many colors. Some of the most common colors of American Shorthair are American Shorthair black and American Shorthair silver tabby.

😺 Personality

The American Shorthair is known among the people for being one of the most affectionate cats of all. They are playful and are also very friendly towards other cats.

At the same time, this breed of cats is also one of the most intelligent breeds. So if you are someone who is looking for a cat that enjoys being clingy, then you should definitely go for this one.

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The American Shorthair cats are known for their nature which is very adaptable. These cats are also very sociable or friendly in nature.

These cats mix very well with the children and with other animals. This means that if you have small kids at home or if you have other pets, you do not have to worry about your cat not creating a bond with them.

😺 Health

American shorthair black

The American Shorthair cats live for about 20 years maximum. Probably because of its sturdy background or history, the American Shorthair cats are pretty healthy and live for long years.

At the same time, you should also keep in mind that as they age, these American Shorthair cats will also develop certain illnesses that are natural with age. Hence, make sure that you keep visiting the vet at regular intervals.

Facts About The American Shorthair

In case you were looking for some of the lesser-known facts about an American Shorthair cat, you have come to the right place. Here are they:

🐾 The American Shorthair cat is considered to be a native of the United States.

🐾 The first breed of the American Shorthair was recorded in 1904.

🐾 This cat breed was known for being a working cat.

🐾 These cats are playful.

🐾 The American Shorthair cats love to eat rodents.

🐾 The color of the American Shorthair cat can vary a lot, from solid-colored to striped or bi-colored.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are American Shorthair Cats Rare?

The American Shorthair cat is one of those breeds that can easily become great pets. They are very common in most of the countries, especially Canada, Japan, and the United States. However, they are not yet very common in European countries.

2. Are American Shorthair Cats Friendly?

The American shorthair cats are some of the most affectionate and friendliest cats in the world. They are great when you think of them as pets. They mix well with other animals and are very playful with young children.

3. What Is The Price Of An American Shorthair?

The price of an American Shorthair cat can change, and it depends on a lot of factors. For example, the price of the cat can change depending on its gender, breeder, color, age, and many other factors.

On average, the price of an American Shorthair kitten can range from around 500 dollars (USD) to 1000 dollars (USD).

Wrapping It Up Purrfectly!

The American Shorthair cats are some of the most affectionate of all cat breeds. They are somewhat similar to the Ragdoll Cats in their nature. 

They are very active and playful in nature with an adaptable temperament. They are medium-sized cats that are muscular in build. Yet, at the same time, they are very strong and intelligent.

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These cats are native to the United States of America and were first brought to the land in order to accompany the initial settlers who came to the New World from Europe. Now, they have made this part of the world its home.

In case you were looking for a guide to an American short hair cat and the facts about them, I hope that you found this article to be of help. If there are any other queries related to the same, feel free to write them down in the comment section. Till then, stay safe and stay happy.


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