This holiday season, an animal shelter in Chicago is doing very well. Only earlier this month, the animal shelter in question, PAWS Chicago, rescued over 75 cats and dogs located on the Caribbean Island of Dominica as per a news release exclusively obtained by People publication.

The organization mentioned that the animals were abused horrifically and were beaten, poisoned, tortured, and left to die before the island’s only shelter, the St. Nicholas Animal Rescue, came for help.

But the shelter was forced to shutdown. Then, the Wings of Rescue, a charity based in Los Angeles, stepped in to orchestrate an important emergency rescue mission. Once the animals did arrive, news was released saying that “they were immediately examined to begin treatment by the PAWS Chicago veterinary team.

Residents in Chicago can easily offer aid to any of the dogs or cats featured in the program by PAWS by just signing up to adopt or foster them. Residents can also donate to help the rescue efforts.

Amongst the dogs seeking their forever homes is Grover, a senior dog left at the center of the city where kids tortured him. Some even tried burning him. Then there’s Sage, a stray doggo who was kicked and beaten – so much so that the dog was recused with a fractured leg and four borne ribs.

PAWS Chicago’s CEO, Susanna Wickham, gave NBC Chicago a statement that said, “We just had to step in when we heard what was happening. They need love. Even though these animals have been through really horrific abuse, they arrive here ready to trust and love, and they are just wonderful creatures. They teach us so much, and we are thankful to be able to help them.

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