In this world, there are many different types of animals living together in harmony and having a balanced ecosystem. There are many animals that start with I, along with other letters. 

But today we are going to find out the animals that start with I and discussed their many different fun facts. So let’s read along and continue with the article. 

1. Indian Elephant

Indian Elephant

“Indian elephants are incredibly intelligent and expressive.” This 6.6 ft to 11.5 ft, greyish Indian elephant is known to be a subspecies of this Asian elephant. 

The elephant is about 4000 to about 1000 pounds in weight. The long trunks are known to be completely boneless, with about 40,000 total muscles. Elephants are also highly social animals and can easily display a variety of emotions. 

Indian elephants are known to spend about 19 hours a day, only eating, and they can easily drink about 200 liters of water each day. 

2. Indian Python

Indian Python

Just like the Indian Cobra, the Indian Python is quite popular in the subcontinent of India. Unlike the Cobra, the Pythons are not an aggressive species of snake, they are also known to live up to about 30 years. 

If you know the story The Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling, then you should definitely know the character Kaa, who is also an Indian Python. The female snakes are known to lay up to 100 eggs, and they are much heavier and longer if compared to the male Python. 

3. Indochinese Tiger

Indochinese Tiger

The beautiful Indochinese tiger is known to live in Asia in the Southeastern parts. This species of tiger has gold and orange color features along with black stripes. These tigers are mostly loners and prefer to live alone and most of the time hidden. 

Indochinese tigers are known to live up to 15 to about 26 years, if in the wild. It is obvious that tigers are carnivores, but they are known to hunt at night as they are nocturnal. They are known to live in tropical rainforests in the mountains and grasslands. 

The Indochinese tigers are larger than the Malayan tiger but they are still smaller than the Royal Bengal tiger. 

4. Ivory-billed Woodpecker

Ivory-billed Woodpecker

“The ivory-billed woodpecker is among the most elusive of all birds in the American South and Cuba.” The first sighting of the ivory-billed woodpecker was confirmed around 1987.

These animals that start with I are known to be on top of their ecosystem, these birds make a very distinct drilling sound when chiseling the tree trunk. These species are known to have tufts of beautiful white feathers around their nostrils. It helps them from keeping the wood debris out of their nose. 

5. Indian Rhinoceros

Indian Rhinoceros

“This one-horned armed unicorn once roamed across India and Nepal, but today is rebounding from near extinction.” The Indian Rhinoceros is one of the most endangered animals in the world, they are listed to be, “Vulnerable.” 

During the Renaissance period in 1515, the first Indian Rhino was brought in Europe. Here in Europe, the Indian Rhino is tagged as, ”the most influential animal picture ever.”

6. Impala


Found in light woodland forests, these animals that start with I are the  Impalas are found in Eastern and Southern Africa. These animals are known to gather and travel in herds in the rainy season. 

The Impalas are known to be highly sensitive when they sense a predator is nearby, and at that time, they are capable of jumping about 10 ft high when frightened. 

Impalas are known to drink water during the hottest time of the day, as at that time, most of the predatory animals were sluggish and won’t be running around hunting.

7. Indian Cobra

Indian Cobra

Known to be one of the “big fours,” the Indian Cobra is highly responsible for most snake bites causing death each year. Having played a big role in Hindu mythology, including the snake that is wrapped around Lord Shivas’ neck, Vasuki, the Serpent King. 

Over the years the popularity of the Indian Cobra has been among snake charmers and as a cultural symbol. The animal is known to be quite intimidating and fearsome at the same time. 

8. Irish Doodle 

Irish Doodle

“Irish Doodles make a wonderful companion dog. They do not do very well if left alone for long periods of time.” The Irish Doodles are known to be very intelligent, highly friendly, and also hypoallergenic, so lucky for people with allergies. 

But even then, the dog is known to require a lot of exercises, and as a Doodle designer dog, they are very expensive. Even if you get a doodle for yourself, they are known to suffer from separation anxiety. 

9. Irish Terrier

Irish Terrier

“One of the nicknames of the Irish terrier is ‘d’Artagnan.’ It refers to his winning ways and cool confidence. Another nickname is ‘Daredevil,’ a nod to the pooch’s knack for running into danger.”

This rugged and stouthearted Irish terrier is known to be among the first terrier breeds. The terrier is known to have a typical, fiery red, and wiry coat, which is suited perfectly since the terrier is of Irish origin. Although the coat can also be black or any darker color. 

10. Iguana


Ancient inhabitants of South and Central American and along many Caribbean islands, the Iguanas are a large species of lizard. They are a very popular species of large lizards in America. The Iguana is a very popular house pet for most Americans. 

The Iguanas, one of the animals that start with I, are known to have parietal eyes, which means it is quite sensitive and changes in light. These Iguanas are also known to communicate with each other through their eyes. 

11. bex 

    Ibex are generally wild goats that have cloven hoods with long horns. They can be commonly sighted in the mountains of Western Asia, Northeastern Africa, and Europe. The average head length of these animals is 4’11 feet (150 cm), and their shoulder height is around 2’11 feet (90 cm). Female Iben weigh around 40 kg (88 lb), while bucks weigh over 100 kg (200 lb).

    Their hooves are sharp and have concave undersides to fit the curved rocks, which allows them to climb the sheer cliffs and supports them. Male and female Ibex stay in their gender-separated herds for the most part of their lives.

    12. Ibis

      Ancient Egyptians used to think of Ibis as sacred and used to worship them, but currently, there are no species of this bird in modern Egypt. There are species found all across the globe, except for Antarctica, and Ibis is the type of bird that is popularly known for wading birds all over the world. 

      The color of the Ibis depends on their food habits and their habitat. Just like Flamingos, Scarlet Ibis are pink, and they get that color from feeding on shrimp. The majority of species of Ibis have bare faces, chests, and heads, but during the breeding season, the areas turn bright red.

      13. Ibizan Hound

        The Ibizan Hound is a hound dog that has its origin in the Balearic Islands by the Mediterranean Coast. Back at the time, these dogs were used for hunting rabbits, but that was almost 3000 years ago by the Phoenician traders. 

        These traders brought hounds from Egypt to the island to assist them by catching food. They make extremely good family pets. Ibizan hounds are mostly smooth-haired or wire-haired, but some believe that there is also a long-haired species of these dogs as well. They are quite athletic and can be easily recognized by their upright ears.

        Wrapping Up!

        Now that you know most of the animals that start with I, now you can find out more animals that start with the letter I. 

        These animals are magnificent and beautiful, and few of them are now endangered. So if you think that this article was helpful to you, then give us a like and comment down below.

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