Want to bring some cuteness into your life in Singapore? Pomeranians are excellent pets because of their limitless energy and endearing personality. However, there are critical questions you must ask to guarantee you’re obtaining a healthy and happy Pomeranian pup before you delve headfirst into the world of Pomeranian ownership.

This article will take you on a journey to learn the ten most important questions to ask when looking for a Pomeranian for sale Singapore. Whether you’re getting a dog for the first time or the fifth, the answers to these questions will help you pick the perfect companion.

Can I See The Parents?

The parents of a Pomeranian puppy should be one of your top considerations. Observing the parents can provide insights into your puppy’s potential personality, size, and health.

What Is the Puppy’s Health History?

Inquire about the puppy’s medical history from the breeder. The puppy should be up-to-date on its vaccinations, dewormed, and have had a complete physical examination by a veterinarian. With this knowledge, you can give your new Pomeranian the best possible start in life.

Is The Puppy Microchipped And Registered?

They have to microchip the Pomeranian puppy for easy identification. Additionally, it’s advisable to inquire whether the puppy has been registered with a well-regarded kennel club, such as the Singapore Kennel Club (SKC) or the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Can I See The Puppy’s Living Conditions?

Visit the breeder’s premises to verify the quality of the environment where they raise the puppies. The housing should be healthy, secure, and comfortable. When looking for a breeder, be sure they put the dogs’ health and happiness first.

What Socialization Has The Puppy Had?

Pomeranians require much socialization to thrive. Inquire about the breeder’s experience with and the puppy’s exposure to humans and other animals. A dog is more likely to be happy and healthy as an adult if you socialize it as a puppy.

What Is The Puppy’s Diet?

Understand the Pomeranian puppy’s diet by finding out what they have been eating, how frequently they have been eating, and whether they have any food preferences or restrictions. Your new Pomeranian may require a slow adjustment to a new diet.

What Is The Puppy’s Expected Size And Temperament?

Different sizes and temperaments of Pomeranians exist. Talk with the breeder about your hopes and dreams. Ensure the puppy’s expected adult size and personality fit your plans.

Are There Any Known Health Issues In The Bloodline?

Dental disease and luxating patellas are two conditions that commonly affect Pomeranians. Inquire about the genetic testing and health records of the puppy’s parents.

What Is Your Return Policy?

It references the rules under which you can get a refund or another puppy if something goes wrong after you buy it. Suppose the puppy needs to be returned or replaced. In that case, it is in everyone’s best interest for the return policy to be transparent and fair.

What this inquiry comprises is outlined below:

Terms And Conditions 

The return policy should outline the parameters for a customer to request a refund or exchange. Such stipulations include time limits for accepting returns, acceptable grounds for returns (such as health or behavioral problems), and required documents or evidence for initiating a return.


Most policies typically allow returns within a short time window. For instance, there might be a 14-day grace period after purchase for returning the puppy. Recognizing this time window is crucial because it sets the deadline for selecting your puppy.

Valid Reasons

The return policy should specify the acceptable explanations for returning a dog. A veterinarian’s diagnosis of a health concern soon after purchase, a seller’s misrepresentation of the puppy, or a significant behavioral issue the seller did not disclose are all common, justifiable causes.


A veterinary certificate verifying an illness may be required to conduct a refund or exchange under certain conditions. In advance, determine which forms you need to fill out.

Refunds Or Exchanges

The return policy should specify options such as money back, another puppy, or shop credit. Knowing what you can do is vital because every vendor has a distinct strategy.


Learn about the expectations placed on you as the buyer. Depending on the terms of the policy, this could mean bringing the puppy back in good health, paying for its transportation, and meeting any other requirements.

Is The Breeder Reputable And Licensed?

Doing your homework and verifying that the breeder you’re working with is legitimate before purchasing a pet from them is essential. Here are some ways to check if the breeder fits these standards:

Check For A License

A license is usually required to breed and sell dogs in Singapore. You can check with the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) to see if the breeder’s claim is legitimate. Keep in mind that specific Singaporean jurisdictions may have varying licensing needs.

Research The Breeder’s Reputation

Check out what other people have said about the service or product. Trustworthy breeders usually have a solid web reputation and a long list of delighted consumers. If there are a lot of complaints or unfavorable feedback, you should proceed with caution.

Ask For References 

Get the breeder’s contact information for references from previous puppy buyers. Contact the references provided and inquire about their firsthand experiences collaborating with the breeder.

Visit The Breeder In Person 

It’s best to pay a personal visit to the breeder. The cleanliness and safety of the facility can be evaluated during your stay, as can the dogs’ living conditions.

Ask For Documentation 

Buy a puppy from a reputable breeder. They will give you the animal’s health, vaccines, and lineage paperwork. They must reveal the entire truth about where the puppy came from.


Getting a Pomeranian as a pet can be pretty satisfying. However, it is still crucial to research and select a trustworthy breeder. By asking the breeder the ten questions below, you may improve the odds of bringing a healthy, happy, and well-adjusted Pomeranian puppy into your Singapore home. To ensure the health and happiness of your new pet, keep in mind the importance of responsible breeding procedures and loving care.

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