Have you ever seen a walking fish? You might think I am crazy, but hear me out. Have you ever seen an Axolotl? It is a species of lizard-like salamander. 

The axolotl is widely known as “Mexican salamander” or even “Mexican walking fish.” However, axolotl is not technically a fish but rather an amphibian, though it looks like a fish. 

These Axolotl are found mostly in Xochimilco, Mexico. Pet axolotl are kept all over the world as captive animals and or domesticated pets. Though axolotl pronunciation is hard, the cute axolotl is pretty to look at. 

Physical Attributes

Physical Attributes
Common NameAxolotl
Scientific Name of AxolotlAmbystoma Mexicanum
Species TypeAmphibians
Average Life Span10 to 15 years
SizeTill 12 inches
Weight2.11 to 8 ounces
Axolotl ColorsBrown, black axolotl, albino, grey, and pink. Blue axolotl is very rare.
Wild Population700-1,200 approximately.
L.ife Span10-15 years.

What Is An Axolotl?

What Is An Axolotl

Axolotls are a species or type of salamander that have a very specific and unique build-up. They tend to retain all their larval characteristics well into adulthood, which is due to a unique condition called Neoteny. 

These neoteny features are like a tadpole, with long feathery gills and a dorsal fin like that of a quill. Axolotl is known to be carnivorous in nature, They live upon small insects and worms. Molluscs, small fishes, and even crustaceans.  

Distribution Of The Axolotl

Distribution Of The Axolotl

The axolotl are found primarily in the Xochimilco region in the Mexico lake complex in Mexico City. In 1998, there were only 6,000 axolotls were found. But in 2014, it was reported that no axolotl was found. 

Axolotl has a rare and unique ability to regrow or regenerate any of its lost limbs. This is the reason why it makes axolotl widely studied scientifically. These axolotls are now found all over the world, in laboratories, zoos, and in aquariums. 

Axolotl Habitation

Axolotl Habitation

Axolotls are mostly found underwater. Most of the time, they are found underwater at the bottom of Xochimilco lake or even the canal. These amphibian salamanders are often seen making shelters with rocks and reeds for their security and protection. 

If they are kept domesticated, temperature-controlled aquariums are used to keep those Axolotls. The aquariums are usually furnished with decorative rocks and plants that mimic their normal, natural habitat. 

Axolotl Diet

Axolotl Diet

Axolotl is known to be carnivorous in nature; They live upon small insects and worms. Molluscs, small fishes, and even crustaceans. The axolotl that is kept in captivity is fed black worms, blood worms, Daphnia, white warm, and even small salmon pellets.

Axolotl With Human Interaction

Axolotl With Human Interaction

We know that Axolotl is one of the most scientifically researched amphibians in the world. They have made a permanent residency in many laboratories. These Axolotl are able to regenerate their limbs and every other body part. 



As domesticated, Axolotl salamanders are very popular in the aquarium business. More and more Axolotl are taken from the wild and kept in aquariums and zoos.

They have even been kept in laboratories and science facilities as well. 

Does The Axolotl Make A Good Pet?

Does the Axolotl Make A Good Pet_

Yes, being exotic animals, the axolotls are great as pet axolotls. They are very popular as pet axolotl. Being unique in nature, they are great pets. They are often kept at home as decorative exotic pets

Axolotl Care

Axolotl Care

For axolotls who are kept in captivity and to be kept in a particular temperature of 61F to 64F. If the temperature is any lower, then it would be risky for the salamanders to live. And if the temperature is higher, then it would increase their metabolism. 

The Behaviour Of The Axolotl

The Behavior Of The Axolotl

Though axolotl are among the unique species of salamanders, they are a rather boring type of amphibians. Unlike dogs or cats, lizards are not as active and fun as pets. 

These axolotls love to hide behind rocks and plants and are rather slow in movement. They move a bit faster when they are in the mating process. It has been seen that male and female axolotls dance around each other during mating season. 

Axolotl Reproduction

Axolotl Reproduction

Any axolotl salamander reaches sexual maturity after five months of age. Their physical attributes, such as health, water temperature, and nutrition, are appropriate for mating. 

The male axolotl usually reaches sexual maturity before the female ones. The female axolotls usually lay more than 1,000 eggs at any time. The females usually have a bit more prep time than the male axolotl. 

The female and the male axolotl usually go through a courting phase before mating. The male axolotl leaves packets of sperm known as spermatophores, which the female picks up for fertilization. And then baby axolotl is born after 15 days of time. 

Why Is Axolotl Endangered?

Why Is Axolotl Endangered_

According to IUCN, the axolotl has been endangered a lot over the years. And in the future year.s, they are going to be critically endangered. The numbers are declining rapidly both in nature and in captivity. 

There are a lot of factors that are at work for axolotl being endangered. 

  • Water pollution
  • Overfishing 
  • Habitat loss
  • Invasive species

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

1. How Do Axolotl Survive In Their Habitat?

Axolotl amphibians are neotenic in nature. They have juvenile traits well into adulthood. They have feathery gills with dorsal fins. They help with their survival.

2. What Are Axolotls Known For?

Axolotls are known for their regeneration capabilities and also their body parts. Like their limbs, legs, tail, and parts of the heart and brain.

3. What Is Unique About An Axolotl?

GFP axolotl nature makes them very unique. It is a type of genetic material that mixes up with body protein to make the axolotls glow. 

Wrapping Up!

Even though axolotls are not so prevalent in nature or in captivity, you can get a lot of axolotl squishmallow in the market. Also in certain shops, build a bear axolotl are available. Axolotl stuffed animal and axolotl drawing are all very popular. 

Axolotl plush, squishmallow axolotl, and axolotl costumes or axolotl build a bear are very popular among the masses.


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