Recently, a baby elephant was seen making a grand entrance at the Walt Disney World.

The baby elephant called Corra happens to be the first African elephant newborn who was born at the Animal Kingdom of Disney in the past 7 years, as per a blog written by Scott Terrell, the director of science and animal operations at the Walt Disney Parks.

On 13th December, the mammal was born, as per a TikTok video shared by Disney Parks.

Nadirah, Corra’s mother, was born as well at the Animal Kingdom around eight years ago. Naturally, Corra is not just Nadirah’s first child but also the first calf in the second generation to be born in the theme park located in Orlando, Florida.

After a pregnancy spanning 22 months, Nadirah and her calf are bonding and will do so for the next few weeks before they join the rest of the park’s herd, as per the director.

For Nadirah, who got pregnant sometime in the beginning of 2022, raising her newborn won’t really be a solo job, as per Terrell.

Corra will also meet the rest of her family soon – her aunt, Stella, and grandma Donna.

As per Terrell, it is “common for adult females in the herd to assist in raising young elephants until they are considered to be independent, typically around 8 years old. Meaning, these family bonds will only grow stronger as the calf gets older.”


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