Every dog on this planet has been created differently. They differ in looks, features, and other qualities. While some dogs are a bit more aggressive, others are much confined. However, that does not influence our love for dogs in any way. 

Some dogs are much more accustomed to nature. And then there are these best indoor dogs that love to exist in the comfort of homes. These dogs love to stay in a warm, cozy environment and have a bowl of good food for spending their lives happily ever after. 

It will always follow you around the house, curl-up alongside you on the couch, play with you and always be there for you. Well, what else could a human being expect? In the age of urbanization, millennials tend to live in a much more modern setting of apartments and condos. 

Most of them do not have any access to large open spaces. However, that should not limit your desire to get a pet. The world has offered us some of the most adorable pooches that love staying indoors throughout the day.

Factors To Consider Before Getting The Best Indoor Dogs

Well, I can assure you it is a myth if you believe that only small dogs are suitable as indoor dogs. The best indoor dog breeds come in all sizes, big or small, and can adapt to any environment. 

These dogs can even be easily trained for living according to the house rules, and they prove to be obedient to their masters. Since you already know that different dogs have distinct features, it is very important to consider certain factors that will determine if the dog’s personality matches your household. These factors are:

  • Behavior with strangers – Living in an apartment or condo will always expose your pet to new people. Therefore, you must make sure to choose the best indoor dog that isn’t stressed to be around strangers and doesn’t scare them. I am sure you will want all your neighbors to love your pup. 
  • Barking – This is one of the most important features that you must choose an indoor dog by. No one will prefer a dog that barks a lot and makes your neighbors feel disturbed. Thus, dogs that are quieter will perfectly suit your home. 
  • Attachment – If a dog gets really attached to you, it will become difficult for you to leave it at home and go out anywhere. Therefore, a dog that does not mind spending time alone and is independent is much more preferable if you have a busy schedule. 
  • Size- The size of the dog is the most important factor in determining which one is the most suitable for your home. You must make sure to choose the best indoor dogs according to the space available in your apartment where you can accommodate them. 

Best Indoor Dog Breeds

When you have already considered all the factors, it is now time for you to know about the top choices of the best indoor dog breeds of the year. Some of these dogs are overly enthusiastic, some are lazy-heads, while some are calm yet sharp. I am very certain you are going to fall in love with each and every one of them while going through this list. Well, here are they:

1. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are one of the smallest breeds that can be found in the market. These are some of the best indoor dog choices that are mighty and adaptable to any surrounding.  They like spending time out in the park as much as they prefer staying indoors. They are also very protective and make the perfect choices as they can fit into any space size. 

2. Shih Tzu

They are one of the cutest breeds of indoor dogs that can found on this planet. They are perfect-sized dogs that can fit into any space and rarely bark. Mostly they are hypoallergenic and prefer to stay inside. They don’t even shed much and can indulge in any activity that you are into. 

3. Basset Hound

Their appearance is what portrays how much these dogs love staying indoors. These are among the best indoor dogs because they are always calm and never very enthusiastic. They are popularly known for their keen sense of smell. They have drowsy eyes, long floppy ears, a huge body, and short legs. 

4. Pug

These are extremely social, playful creatures that are bound to please everyone around them. These best indoor dogs have an exclusive look with a frowny forehead, round eyes, and signature head tilts. They require very minimal maintenance and have a very friendly temperament. 

5. French Bulldog

One of the most popular indoor dog breeds, the French bulldog, is an eye-catcher. These dogs have a small size and a very sophisticated look. They are those types that can even stay inside the house for a prolonged period. These dogs are very protective, alert, and always ready to play. 

6. Beagle

They are among the coolest looking dogs that can be found in the market. They make the perfect pets and great choice as the best indoor dogs since they are extremely friendly and loyal. You can adapt to any surroundings and any situation. They are a kind that agrees to anything and are happy to see you happy. 

7. Golden Retriever

The most beautiful breed of dog that is found on this planet is the golden retriever. They are extremely popular because of their good looks and photogenic nature. These dogs might be big in size but are very friendly as well as loyal. However, they must be taken out for walks very often. 

8. American Hairless Terrier

American hairless terriers are not very active, and taking them out for a short walk would be enough. They like being inside their house and love spending time indoors. And it is good for their health as well. Their skin is a bit sensitive, so owners have to take care of it both during summer and winter. Besides that, they have a curious and playful nature, which makes them great indoor dogs, and they are hypoallergenic, which makes them perfect for those who suffer from allergy issues.

9. Bulldog

Ust like other breeds who have short snouts, bulldogs should also not take part in any extensive exercises, and they should never be left alone or allowed to stay for a long time in hot weather. 

A little bit of exercise is required to keep a healthy weight, but they are not very active, s they will tire out easily because of the exercises. By nature, they are quite brave and affectionate.

10. Finnish Lapphund

With an average height of 18.5 inches and 43 pounds in weight, Finnish Lapphunds are perfect indoor dogs, along with their friendly and calm nature. They do not require rigorous training sessions and a long walk, and some playdates are rough for their regular exercise. 

They require a lot of attention from their owners, and it is not ideal to leave them alone for a long time. Those who will stay out for most of the day should not choose this breed. They are intelligent and would understand that you are not choosing them as your priority.

They are quite sensitive, and their emotional intelligence would let them know that you are not choosing them or prioritizing them. They have separation anxiety and might turn destructive or get depressed because of this.

Final Thoughts

The best indoor dogs are some of the most amazing creatures that this world has offered us. These dogs are nothing but lovable, and in return, they are going to love you even more. There you have all the information. 

Now all you got to do is make the best choice according to your needs and household requirements. I know it is a hard choice when it comes to all these adorable munchkins! But getting yourself a pup is definitely going to change your life forever.

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