Dogs can have various positive impacts on your life. Your dog can greatly impact your social, emotional, and cognitive development and promote an active lifestyle. Let’s find out best of big fluffy dog breeds.

They can become your close companion by detecting probable epileptic seizures or the presence of cancers and other diseases. They are always around people. So, you won’t feel lonely when you are with them. They can greatly impact your mental health. 

According to the survey, almost 38% of US households have one or more dogs. They can be beneficial to the health and well-being of the owners.  

Top 11 Big Fluffy Black Dog Breeds 

When choosing a particular color coat for a dog, the color black is the most widely searched dog variety on the internet. 

Black dogs are not rare, rather, it is a quite common and dominant color. Here are some examples of big fluffy dog breeds with black coat colors. 


big fluffy dog breeds

Affenpinscher is a curious, loyal, and amusing dog breed that looks like soft toys. The dog breed is a smaller version of terrier dogs. As a result, they are very active and agile when they are playing with you. 

They have money-like facial expressions such as long eyebrows and a beard. They display rough and long coats. This coat type is protective against pests and harsh weather conditions. 

Affenpinschers were kept as pets in Germany to get rid of both stables and kitchen rodents. They were preferred as lap dogs and used to amuse the households. 

This fluffy dog breed has high energy and affection level. You need to groom them frequently. They can be your perfect fluffy black dogs. 


big fluffy dog breeds

Schipperke is a small to medium-sized dog breed weighing up to 12 to 16 pounds. They can rise to 10 to 13 inches in height. They are active and curious dogs and prefer their owners over everything. 

They can be highly intelligent and need to be kept occupied all the time. Schipperke is a Belgian breed that dates back to hundred years. They are termed as little captains as they were once associated with trades. This breed of dogs grew up mostly with the upper class since 1885. 

They are highly sociable, although they can be very aggressive. They are usually reserved for strangers. They have a life expectancy of 12-16 years. They can be the perfect big fluffy dog breeds for your home. 

Scottish Terrier 

big fluffy dog breeds

They are the ideal dog breed that has a vivid personality. The Scottish Terrier is independent, confident, and high-spirited. They have almost human-like characteristics, and that is why they are a famous dog breed. 

Scottish Terriers have a soft and dense undercoat on a wiry topcoat. The undercoat can be black or yellow or can have a stripe pattern. They have business-like attire and can be excellent watchdogs.   

You have to groom your Scottish terrier in a scheduled way. They have dual coats, which can make them shed a lot. If you are not grooming them on a daily basis, their coat can become coarse. A weekly brush with a regular comb is necessary. Also, you need to give them periodic baths with a quality shampoo. 

Scottish Terriers have high energy, and thus they need a lot of exercise and playtime. They can live up to 12 years. 

Lancashire Heelers 

big fluffy dog breeds

The Lancashire Heeler is a high-energy dog who is intelligent enough to be trained within such a short period of time. They are short dogs with water-resistant coats and fluffy black coating. 

They are usually affectionate in their owner’s presence and are energetic worker dogs. They have an excellent cattle instinct and also possess the heeler smile. Heelers possess a unique quality where they draw their lips backward, impersonating a human smile. 

In 2003 the breed was placed under the category of the Endangered breeds list under the observation of The Kennek Club, U.K, for being at risk due to inherited diseases. 

The Lancashire Heeler needs continuous exercise, rapid human interaction, and mental stimulation. They can become quite demanding of your attention. This breed has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years and can weigh up to 9 to 17 pounds. 

Australian Kelpie 

big fluffy dog breeds

The Australian Kelpie is a kind of dog breed that is active and capable of working relentlessly. They are a working dog category and possess extreme intellect and alertness, and are packed with unlimited energy. 

They are intensely loyal and devoted to the duty they are given to perform. They possess a natural instinct to work hard. Kelpie first originated from Collie and was later imported to Scotland and was developed in a way so that it can withstand harsh and dry environmental conditions.

Kelpies are healthy and fit dogs for performing heavy work duty. They have a double coat outer coat covering a short and more dense undercoat giving them a fluffy appearance. They are fluffy dog breeds. The outer coat is hard, straight, flat, and water-resistant. While the undercoat remains protected.   

If you ever adopt or bring a Kelpie home, you should provide them with a high-quality diet. Their food should be approved by the vet. You can also add treats to their training sessions. 

Portuguese Water Dog 

big fluffy dog breeds

A Portuguese water dog is a bright and intelligent water dog who can come as a great help to a fisherman. They are basically called fishermen’s dogs. They are robust, medium-sized, and covered by a coat of low-shedding curls.

They are smart and easy to train dogs. They have a dense and profuse coat that is hypoallergenic at the same time. If you have a Portie, you’ll need to groom them on a regular basis. The coat can range from tight, curly, loose, and wavy.  

They are a naturally athletic breed, so they will require vigorous exercise. They are most happy in the presence of their owner. So long walks and daily play sessions can make them bond well with their owners. 

They are obedient and have agility. If you train them, they are quicker to learn and intelligent enough to process the training. However, they can have health issues if they are bred by illegal breeders. 

Barbet Dog 

Barbet is an archetype, a medium-sized dog with balanced proportions appearing in artwork in the 16th century. Barbets are very sociable dogs with long sweeping tails. They have dense, curly hair with distinctive beards. 

Barbet dogs are loyal and rustic with defining characteristics. They have a dense coat of black, grey, brown, or fawn markings. You need to properly groom a barbet dog. Give them proper baths regularly, along with brushing and combing their hair. 

They have a tendency to grow long hairs, you’ll need to trim them regularly. But most people keep their hair long on heads, ears, and tails solely for the purpose of showing.

Barbets are naturally healthy breeds. They don’t usually have any health conditions. Responsible breeders will screen them for any further health issues. 

They have shown relatively positive responses to upbeat training environments. They are friendly and will mix with your family without hesitation. They require a high-quality diet and proper nutrition. Barbets are not picky eaters. So, they will eat anything you give them. They tend to have a life expectancy of 12-14 years. 

Black Norwegian Elkhound

The Black Norwegian Elkhounds are well-built, medium-sized spitz dogs. Their back muscles are strong and straight. They usually have broad wedge-shaped ears. They have a dark brown oval-shaped eye. 

They possess high and firm ears. They also possess oval paws that are small and tight with thick pads. Their tail is curled over the back. The coat is simply solid black, sometimes, they will have patches of white in the chest area. 

They are fearless, friendly Norwegian dogs who can be quite reserved around strangers. They are energetic around children and will guard your home effectively. They show a considerable amount of leadership skills around children and will protect your children. 

Like other Archiatic dogs, Black Norwegian Elkhounds are independent, obedient, and show good leadership in packs. You need to regulate these dogs under a strict training regime. This breed usually requires a strong leader who can guide them. They enjoy being under leadership. 

However, this breed can be prone to developing hip dysphasia, pyotraumatic dermatitis, and other health issues due to old age. You will need to exercise them regularly to keep them fit. 

Croatian Sheepdog 

The Croatian Sheepdog is a helpful agile, humble shepherd dog. Croatians brought this breed of shepherd dogs to the new land and one of the cutest big fluffy dog breeds.

They are usually very energetic, calm, and relaxed. If you take them under vigorous training, they will appreciate a good run. They can also be very obedient and mischievous with extraordinary jumping abilities. If you keep these dogs under a constant exercising regime, they will not go elsewhere to seek validation. You need to give them attention because they can be very playful at times. 

You need to groom this breed easily by just giving them a bath with a good quality dog shampoo and regular combing. This will suffice. You don’t need to take any extra measures for grooming. 

They require a variety of diets depending on their need. You need to contact your vet to determine what amount of meal is sufficient for a Croatian Sheepdog. 

Mudi Dog 

Mudi dog is an extremely versatile dog with extreme intelligence and alertness. They are a kind of Hungarian farm dog useful for working for the livestock. They can be protectors of the family. 

They are usually medium-sized dogs. They are the result of a cross-breed between the Puli, Pumi, and German Spitz. They are an overall healthy, active, working breed. They mostly originate from Hungary, Finland, and some parts of Europe, the U.S., and Canada. They are obedient, sporty, sociable breed. 

They have a calm and relaxed demeanor. If you keep them under constant training and exercise regimes, they will not go anywhere else. They follow a strict diet. You must consult with your vet about what kind of diet is best suited for them. They have a life expectancy of 12-14 years and weigh upto 18 to 29 inches. 

Swedish Lapphund

A Swedish Lapphund can be called a complete family dog. They are highly sociable and intelligent and work best in a family setting. They will mix with your kind cousins without any hassle. They are highly attentive and usually are worker dogs. 

They can be suited as Lapdogs. They are independent-minded and stubborn. They are generally healthy breeds but sometimes can suffer from hip dysplasia, PRA, and other health-related problems. 

They have medium-length, double coats, which you’ll need to brush regularly. In particular seasons they undergo heavy shedding of their undercoat. Their coat is often preferred as a blowing coat. Grooming can be helpful to keep a positive mindset of this breed. 

You should never shave your Swedish Lapphund’s coat under any circumstance. They should always have a natural coat throughout the length of the year. 

They should have a high-quality dog food diet. You can give them commercial dog foods along with food, maintaining a proper diet. Usually, any diet is appropriate for this breed, however, you should always consult your vet for additional food supplements.

Which big fluffy dog breeds Are You Going To Get? 

All of these dog breeds usually have black coats. You can adopt or bring any of them home. However, you need to maintain the proper guidelines on how to keep a dog healthy. You should be engaged and give your dog the attention that they crave. 

Dogs can be just like toddlers, so make sure that you have enough resources at your house for a dog to have a comfortable lifestyle. Make yourself available for your dog, no matter which breed they are from.

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