When it comes to choosing dogs as pets, we all go drooling over the different types of breeds. However, many around the world prefer to choose specifically from black and white dog breeds. The sole purpose? Well, there is no purpose as such. People have different choices, and this is one of them. 

These black and white dogs are, however, extremely elegant looking and bound to be an eye-catcher in the neighborhood. It seems as if they are covered in a tuxedo portraying a simple yet classic appearance. Although every dog on this planet is equally adorable and stands no chance of comparison, there is something really special about these breeds. 

Best Black And White Dog Breeds

As we are talking about the black and white dog breeds, here are some of the best choices of this year that you might want to adopt. 

1. Dalmatian

One of the most unique looking and popular dogs that are found in this world is the Dalmatians. I am sure the first species that you might have thought about was also this classic breed. These dogs are very sporty and are known to exhibit high speed. 

If you want to turn your life into a fairytale, these dogs are the perfect choice for you. They have been most notably known since Disney’s productions came up with the 101 Dalmatians. These are high-energy pups that feature high alertness and guarding ability. 

2. Boston Terrier

Often regarded as ‘the American Gentleman’, the Boston Terrier’s black and white tuxedo markings are what makes it so popular. These black and white dog breeds are small but have a strong and stout build. They feature large, expressive eyes, a squashed snout, and bat-like ears that add to their elegance. 

These dogs have a composed temperament and friendly personality and are extremely responsive to their masters. They can adapt to any environment. However, they are mostly seen to survive in urban living settings.

3. Border Collie

The Border Collie is a black and white dog breed that is known to have been traced since the times of the Vikings. These dogs are very hardworking and must be continuously kept under activities and exercises. 

These high energetic pups are small and an ideal choice for home pets because of their compatibility with their parents. They have a furry covering of black and white around them. These dogs are quite smart as well as have a playful tendency. 

4. Harlequin Great Dane 

Depicting a white base with black spots and patches all over their body, the Harlequin Great Dane has been aptly named. These black and white dog breeds are huge in size and require enough space to accommodate. However, their personality is totally different from their appearance. 

These dogs are extremely quiet, calm, and gentle and are an absolute crowd-pleaser. Their protective nature is something that makes it perfect for children to hang around them. Even after weighing as much as 200 pounds, they do not require extensive exercises. However, a few long walks can keep them fit, physically and mentally.  

5. Japanese Chin

These dogs are covered with long hair of black and white shades. Their appearance is quite sophisticated and can prove to be high-maintenance pups. Although they do not shed much, they need to be groomed often. These small dogs love a comfy warm environment with an added soft couch for curling up on it. 

These dogs have a playful nature and are also good to be around other pets. This black and white dog breed is known to have its origins in Japan, China, or Korea. They have a special charm that makes them among the most favored dogs of the year. 

6. Siberian Husky

These are some of the best and most beautiful breeds of dogs that can be found on this planet (my personal favorite too). The Siberian Husky is often considered the smaller version of the Alaskan Malamute. Their origin lies in North-eastern Asia,  where they were originally used as sled dogs. 

Their black and white thick fur and tall, sharp ears are what make them look like wolves. However, it might be difficult for such dogs to exist in extremely hot weather conditions and requires them to be looked after constantly. They are quite playful, gentle, and have no quality of aggression. Since ancient times they have been used as hunting and as guard dogs. 

7. Landseer

Having an uncanny resemblance with the Newfoundland breed, the Landseers are equally huge in size. These dogs are covered in a blend of black fur over the head and white on the body with a few black saddle markings. These dogs are strong yet gentle and are super patient.

They have a keen sense to smell danger and can jump into any situation. They are good swimmers and are also known to be life-savers. Thus having all such qualities, they are great dogs for children or other pets to be around. 

8. Portuguese Water Dog

Known to have been bred in Portugal, these dogs were used to work along with fishermen at the coasts. Worth their name, these black and white dog breeds are expert swimmers. They are an ideal companion for being pets because of their gentle and composed nature. 

They are also a crowd-pleaser and always likes to be around people. Intelligence, high enthusiasm, and easy trainability are some of the best features that might have convinced President Barack Obama to pick one as the First Dog. However, you need to spend a huge amount of time and effort to maintain its coat. 

Final Thoughts

The world is not such a bad place with dogs around us. They are the most lovable creatures that are loyal and always ready to be there for us. While there are so many breeds of dogs around us, these black and white dog breeds are yearned by many. 

Their elegance is something that makes them stand out from the crowd. I am sure you are going to love these pups. Thus, if you are thinking about adopting a pet this year, I hope this article will be of great help to you.

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