If you want a small dog with a larger-than-life personality, then you should definitely go for a black pug. These dogs are easier to train and take care of, which makes them create for first-time pet owners. 

The black pugs are the perfect companions since they are very affectionate and lovable, best for cuddling. These dogs are classified in the category of Toy breed due to their tiny size. This makes them great for parents with smaller spaces. 

Let’s dive in to learn more about this amazing purebred pup. 


But before going into further details, here is a brief overview of the black pug. 

Size 10 -12 inches
Weight 13 – 15 lb
Pug Lifespan12 to 15 years
Height11 inches (male), 10 inches (female)
ColorJet black 
CoatSmooth, short, fine, and single coated.
TemperamentMischievous loves attention and affection.
Do they shed?They shed mostly all year but more during the summer season.
SocializationGood with other animals and people, although needs socialization. 
InteligenceHigh Inteligence.
People SkillsWelcoming to strangers and great with people.
Destructive BehaviorWill chew on stuff if frustrated and lonely.
Activity LevelsVery energetic and playful for their size.
Good with ChildrenLoves to play with children.

History Of The Pug

History Of The Pug

Among all the oldest pure breed dogs in the world, the black pug is one of them; this is why they have been long recognized by certain Kennel Clubs. 

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized it back in 1885, and in 1966, the World Canine Organization recognized the black pug. 

Then slowly, other Kennel clubs like the British Kennel Club, the Canadian Kennel Club, the Australian National Kennel Council, the United Kennel Club, and the New Zealand Kennel Club recognized the black pug as a pure breed dog. 

The black pug actually dates back to 700 BC, making this pure breed dog one of the oldest dog breeds in history. The black pug was originally worshipped in Egypt and was a companion of the Tibetan Buddhists. 

About two thousand years ago, these cute black pugs were considered to bring good luck and were worshiped in China and by many other Emperors as well. 

Physical Characteristics

Physical Characteristics

Due to their smaller stature, these dog breed fall under the Toy breed category, and also because they are very cute and cuddly. 

On average, all black pugs are born somewhere between one to nine liters at one time. Four to six black pug puppies are common during birthing season. 

If you are thinking of buying a black pug, then you might have to spend somewhere from $500 to $800 since black pugs are less common than fawn pugs. 



Unlike fawn pugs, black pugs are known to have single coats, which are soft, straight, and short. Although having a single coat, they shed more than the fawn ones, but so much. 

Pugs are known to shed during summer months, so if you have allergies, they may not be the best pet for you. 

To know whether your black pug is healthy, keep an eye on its coat. If the coat is shiny, then the pug is healthy and getting the right nutrition, and if not, then the coat will be a rather dull black color. 



Pugs are the best companion dog breeds, they are cute, lovable, and affectionate towards people and even other animals. All these dogs want is unconditional love and affection, and in return, you will get the same from them. This is why they make the best family dog. 

Black pugs are known to have high energy and love to play for hours. So they can adapt to an energetic lifestyle as well as cuddle on the sofa lifestyle. This is what makes them the perfect best friend for you. 

Care & Grooming

Care & Grooming

Caring for a black pug is really easy as these dogs are really easygoing and can adapt to any type of lifestyle. Whether you have a small apartment or a large house with a big backyard, they can adapt to any situation quite easily. 

Although these black pugs have short coats, they are known to be heavy shedders, especially during the summer months. They will also shed throughout the year. So bathe them only when it’s needed, like when they are messy, or they are smelly. 

After bathing, make sure that you dry them properly, as not cleaning properly will cause bacteria and infection formation. On a regular basis, clean the years of these black pugs and trim their nails, and also brush their teeth to avoid any dental problems. 

Food Habits & Diet

Food Habits & Diet

Pugs are known to become obese, so make sure not to overfeed them at any cost. It is important that you divide the food portions equally and feed your black pug only twice a day. 

If you could feed your black pug dry food, then that would be great since wet food is what causes runny stool and is bad for teeth as well. A black pug, like any other pug, should be given food proportionate to its weight in order to maintain body weight. 

When you are training your pug, make sure to give them low-calorie dog treats, it helps maintain weight and are also tasty. 

Health Problems & Training 

Pug Health Problems & Training 

purebred black pugs are known to have lots of health problems. Few of these known health problems are.

1. Breathing Problems

Due to their shorter skull compresses the nasal cavity, which makes it difficult for a dog with brachycephalic to breathe. This is why you will see black pugs are noisy breathers even when they are sleeping; this is because they are struggling to breathe. 

This difficulty in breathing increases with heat and extreme physical activity. So it is best not to exercise them on a bright sunny day. Or else this breathing problem may cause laryngeal collapse, a fatal condition in certain cases. 

2. Eye Problems

Other than breathing problems, black pugs are known to have eye issues as well. Due to their short skull problem, the eye socket is usually shallow, this is the reason why they have bulging eyes. 

This condition can lead to corneal ulcers, and in certain extreme cases, the eyes can pop out of the socket as well. 

3. Skin Problems

Due to a significant amount of wrinkling on the skin, black pugs or any other pugs are known to contract certain infections and irritations that can hide under these folds. 

4. Birthing Problems

The fawn or black pugs are a great example of a brachycephalic dog breed, and it is due to how flat their faces are, this can also cause birthing problems. 

Due to a large and flat head, the black pug puppy may face difficulty passing from the pelvis of the mother. Without a proper surgical procedure, it can lead to the death of both the mother and the puppy. 

5. Tail Twisting

The black pug breed is known to have a curly tail, also called a screw tail. Although the tail twisting of the vertebrae can go up to the spine and can cause several problems, such as Hemivertebrae. 

Wrapping Up!

So after learning all these things about a black pug might consider buying one. Don’t be discouraged by their grooming or certain health problems, it’s nothing a good vet can’t take care of. So if you are looking for the perfect companion for you and your family, get yourself a black pug.

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