If you are a big fan of bigger dog breeds, then this wonderful wolfdog breed will be an amazing addition to your family. This new breed of dog is a mix of the rare wolfdog and the blue german shepherd dog

Due to its wolfish ancestry, the dog’s physical features are much like a wolf’s, but its personality and temperament are much more like a dog’s. 


Blue Bay Shepherd Overview

Here are a few important pieces of information about the Blue Bay Shepherd dog breed that you should know about. 

Height30 inches approx
WeightFemales- 70 – 85 pounds
Males- 85 – 100 pounds
Lifespan9- 13 years
ColorSlate or Blue Grey
NoseBlue or Black 
EyesAmber Yellow with green tints

History of the breed

History of the breed

The blue bay shepherd dog is not yet a recognized dog breed as they are a fairly newer dog breed. They are in the two-year making period as of yet. The only legal and legitimate breeder of this dog is Vicki Spencer of Southern Breeze Ranch. Her first set of litter was born in 2011

Since this modern dog breed is her life’s work, she kept the original gene recipe under wraps. But reports are shared with the people who bought her puppies. After testing their genetics, they found contributions from Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes

Physical Features

Physical Features

The Blue bay Shepherd has a very distinct color to them and doesn’t have a lot of color variations. The pigments are mostly of a greyish shade, like blue-grey, slate grey, and charcoal. 

Since their physical features resemble a wolf, they have amber or yellowish eyes with a greenish tint to them. Their head is in the shape of an almond and is a bit slanted. Although they have wolfish characteristics, they might also have strong German Shepherd qualities depending on the dominant genes of the parents. 


The Blue Bay Shepherds are known to possess gentle and affectionate temperaments, which makes them easily trainable. They love to stay around people and other pets as well, but of course, they need proper training since they are puppies. 

Since they are half German Shepherds, these dogs are not timid or shy in any way possible. Spencer specifically stayed away from breeding with people who have guarding tendency, making them not bark as much. These blue-wolf German shepherds might be a bit of a couch potato, but they have high energy when needed. 

Training & Exercise

Training & Exercise

Since this dog breed is fairly new, their trainability is still a matter of suspense. Since they have the genes of a wolf, their trainability depends on a lot of factors. The female blue shepherd has higher wolf content, which makes them a bit timid but very much. 

But these dog breeds have a very loving nature with a sweet tendency to them. But since these dogs are very intelligent, they are trainable with lots of patience and positive reinforcement. 

This American blue bay shepherd needs a very active daily lifestyle since they are a very active breed. They are agile, obedient, and love sports and other adventures. The breed needs moderate exercise since they are a puppy, but not as much since their joints are not fully matured. 

Health & Care

Being a fairly newer breed, there each and every health issue and disease is not yet fully known, so there is a scope for further research. And due to these diseases, their exact lifespan is not quite known. 


The blue bay shepherd has both dog and wolf blood inside them, which makes them quite healthy. And it is observed that their life span is higher than normal dogs. 

A few of the health problems detected in this blue bay shepherd are listed in the list below. 

Severe Health ConcernsElbow & Hip Dysplasia
Degenerative Myelopathy
Moderate Health ConcernsEpilepsy
Pituitary Dwarfism
Rare Health ConcernsBloat

There are a few diseases that tend to be hereditary from such German shepherds and wolfdogs as Czechoslovakian and Saarloos. The few health diseases are

  • Epilepsy,
  • Pituitary Dwarfism,
  • Eye Abnormalities,
  • Degenerative Myelopathy.

These blue bay shepherds also tend to bloat due to overeating and have joint disorders around the hip, shoulder, and elbow. 


The blue bay shepherd has a thick double coat that tends to shed heavily about twice every year. Daily brushing and blowouts are very important to remove all dead hair and should minimize hair shedding.

It is important to keep your Blue Bay German Shepherd clean by clipping the nails and prevent infections by bathing and shampooing. 

SheddingSeasonal blowouts and regular brushing
ExercisingActive lifestyle
At least one-hour vigorous to moderate exercise
HousingBest as an indoor companion.
The backyard should have wall fences.
TemperamentTheir temperament varies. At one time, they are sweet and lovely. The other time, they are active and moody.
TrainabilityHighly to moderately trained

Are Blue Bay Shepherds Good Pets?

These Blue Bay shepherd dogs are a great mixture of clever, intelligent, and hard-working dog breeds. Being widely known for being very affectionate, friendly, and good-natured, but not suited for first-time dog owners

Ever since the blue bay shepherd puppy, these dogs have been highly energetic and require a lot of outdoor activity and training. These dogs are great for experienced dog owners and not for first-time owners. 

Since these dogs require a lot of activity and attention, they are not great for families with younger kids. But they are great with other dogs or pets. 

Pros & Cons Of Getting A Blue Bay Shepherd

Here are a few pros and cons of getting a blue bay shepherd that you need to know before getting one. 

They are very affectionate and loving.Even if Blue Bay shepherds are for sale, they are expensive.
Blue shepherds have a striking look to them.They need a lot of exercise.
These are easy alternatives to the wolfdogs.They are easily bored and can be destructive when bored.
They love to be around people and are great companions. Very little information is known about the breed.

Choosing the best shock collar for german shepherd can greatly improve the quality of your training efforts. One of the benefits of using shock collars is that they can be operated remotely, allowing the owner to correct the dog’s behavior without their awareness

Frequently Asked Questions:

Check out the most frequently asked questions related to a Blue Bay Shepherd mentioned below in detail.

1. What Is A Blue Bay Shepherd?

Blue Bay Shepherds are basically created specifically by breeding wolf dogs with old-style Blue German shepherds. These babies aim to obtain a wolf-like appearance, accompanied by the loving personality and trainability of a German Sheperd. The results have been simply stunning. 

2. Are Blue Bay Shepherds Purebred?

The American Blue Bay Shepherd is not really an easily recognized breed. However, it took about two decades to make this breed. Perhaps, one of the only legitimate breeders of this breed happens to be Vicki Spencer from the Southern Breeze Ranch.

3. What Is The Biggest Shepherd?

The biggest shepherd is the Anatolian Shepherd, which weighs around 150 pounds and stands tall at 27 or 29 inches. This is the biggest among all the dog breeds. 

4. Are Blue Bay Shepherds Smart?

The Blue Bay Shepherd is an absolutely beautiful dog that has striking physical features such as piercing light eyes, a coat with stunning colors, and a wolfish vibe. This breed is also gentle, affectionate, and intelligent. 

Wrapping Up!

The blue bay shepherd is still a new dog breed that needs much research and study to be conducted to understand this breed. They have a gorgeous physical feature to them, in a mixture of German Shepherd dogs and wolves. 

They are quite devoted house pets, but you should engage in proper training ever since their puppy stage. If you find this article helpful, comment down below and let us know. 

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