Dogs get the recognition of being a man’s best friend. While this is true because of their utmost loyalty towards their master, cats are no different. While many say that cats are fickle-minded mischievous furry creatures, they are still nonetheless one of the cutest pets to have in your house. 

So do you want to have a cat sleeping and running around in your house? We suggest getting brown cats to spice things up if you wish to do so. Cats look bet when they have a lighter-colored coat. Therefore, brown is the way to go. In this article, you will learn about why brown cats are rare and what are some of the best brown cat breeds you should keep an eye out for. 

Are Brown Cats Rare?

Brown Cats Rare

Many people consider brown cats rare because of how hard it is to find one. However, most cats are primarily white and come with various mixed-in to form patterns on their backs and faces. Here, you will occasionally find that brown, black, and golden are the easiest colors to find in cat patterns. 

Amongst brown cats, cinnamon brown and chocolate brown are the rarest. A typical all brown cat is not entirely rare but is pretty uncommon. This is why we suggest you look for brown cats to pet. Their rarity on their own will make your cat unique amongst its peers. Brown cats also look super cute, so patting one on its head while they sleep on your chest can feel great. 

Brown Cat Breeds You Should Look Out For In 2022

There are many types of brown cat breeds that you can choose from. While they are pretty rare, you can find brown cats for sale in many pet shops. Some of the most well recognized brown cat breeds are:

1. Havana Brown Cat

Havana Brown Cat

Havana Brown Cats are the rarest breed of brown cats. After breeding types of Siamese cats, Black Shorthair, and Russian Blue cats, breeders produced these cats. These carefully bred cats are pretty rare and are the only true chocolate brown cat breed that you can find in the world

Havana brown cats fall in medium-sized cats and are not too cat furry or skinny. Owners of brown cats say that they are pretty playful and can become highly attached to their master.

They can also be loners at times, happily playing with their toys. So get your Havana brown cat as fast as possible since only a thousand of them remain in the entire world, with each living for approximately 13 – 15 years.

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2. Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthair

One of the most unique-looking cat breeds, these cats are also pretty rare and will require some searching to find one. As the name suggests, these short hair cats are pretty skinny and have one of the smoothest furs on any cat. In addition, these cats are pretty thin and have slender bodies and long, pointy ears.

These cats appear in brown (pretty rare) and many different colors. This type of brown and orange cat lives for 14 – 17 years and is intelligent. So many people have taught their oriental shorthairs tricks that they can remember pretty well. 

3. British Shorthair

British Shorthair

British shorthairs are one of the cutest cats that you will ever come across. If you want an exotic, cutesy, blue-looking cat with short fur, then look no further. However, while they are often available with a brown coat, these cats are pretty moody and can either be hyperactive or their opposite, depending on their mood. 

British shorthairs are pretty standard cats that you can find in many pet stores, so finding one will not be difficult. However, finding a brown British shorthair can take you some time. However, these easy-going, fun-loving animals can be your best friend, along with getting along pretty well with other cats and even dogs in the house

We recommend going for this cat if you have other cats and dogs in your house, and want to know what breed is my cat

4. York Chocolate

York Chocolate

As the name suggests., these chocolate brown cats are pretty rare and look pretty cute. York chocolates are long-haired furry cats that make you feel extremely comfortable when you pat them on their head or touch their silky soft fur on their back or belly. These cats live for 13 – 15 years. 

York chocolates are pretty friendly cats that seek out companionship. They love being around humans and other animals and enjoy playing with them. They can sometimes be pretty active at times, and at other times become pretty lazy and sleep all day. 

Due to their thick fur, it is advised to keep them at cooler places at all times and give them frequent baths since they enjoy a splash of water from time to time. If you wanted to know how can cats eat brown rice, these definitely can.

5. Devon Rex

Devon Rex

While not exclusively termed as brown cats, they are said to be some of the most mischievous and playful cats you can have in your house. This highly curious ball of fur loves to sniff around every corner of the house and prefers staying by your side at all times, demanding you pet them and give them 100% of your attention span at all times. 

Devon Rexes are also pretty intelligent, with them learning things like opening doors and other items by themselves, with just their powers of observation. These medium fur cats are also quite friendly, so they make an excellent choice for you if you have other cats and dogs in your house. 

However, it would help up your maintenance costs since they have very sensitive fur that can get damaged easily. They live for around 9 – 15 years. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How Rare Is A Brown Cat?

Pure brown cats are pretty rare, with some breeds having very few of them in the entire world. 

Q2. Are There Any Cats That Are Brown?

Many cat breeds are brown, like the Havana brown cat and the York chocolate. 

Q3. What Are Brown Cats Called?

Brown cats have various names like the Havana Brown Cat and the York Chocolate. 

Q4. What Is The Rarest Color Of Cat?

albino cats

Pure white cats or albino cats are the rarest color that you can find in a cat.

Taking care of your cat is a rewarding and enjoyable experience, but it also requires some responsibility and attention. Cats are independent and curious animals, but they also need your love and care to stay healthy and happy. Here are some general tips on how to take care of your cat based on the web search results:

Provide your cat with a clean and comfortable environment. Make sure your cat has a cozy bed, a litter box, a scratching post, and some toys to play with. Keep the litter box clean and change the litter regularly. Provide your cat with fresh water and a water fountain if possible. Keep your cat indoors or in a secure outdoor enclosure to protect them from predators, diseases, and other dangers .

Feed your cat a balanced and nutritious diet that is appropriate for their age, weight, and activity level. Choose a high-quality cat food that meets your cat’s nutritional needs and preferences. Avoid giving your cat human food, chocolate, onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, or anything that may be toxic or harmful to them. You can also give your cat some treats or wet food occasionally as a reward or a supplement .

Take your cat to the vet regularly for check-ups, vaccinations, and spaying or neutering. Your vet can monitor your cat’s health and prevent or treat any illnesses or injuries. Spaying or neutering your cat can also prevent unwanted pregnancies, reduce aggression, and lower the risk of certain cancers. Follow your vet’s advice on how often and when to take your cat to the vet .

Groom your cat regularly by brushing their fur, trimming their nails, and cleaning their ears and eyes. Brushing your cat can help remove loose hair, dirt, and mats, and also distribute natural oils and prevent hairballs. Trimming your cat’s nails can prevent them from scratching themselves or your furniture. Cleaning your cat’s ears and eyes can prevent infections and irritations. You can also brush your cat’s teeth with a special feline toothpaste and a finger brush or a soft-bristled toothbrush to prevent dental problems .

Provide your cat with exercise and stimulation by playing with them and providing them with toys, scratching posts, and cat trees. Cats are naturally active and curious, and they need physical and mental stimulation to stay fit and happy. Playing with your cat can help them burn calories, strengthen their muscles, and bond with you. You can also teach your cat some tricks or games to challenge their intelligence and skills .

Give your cat lots of love and attention. Cats are social and affectionate animals, and they enjoy being around their owners and family. They are not very demanding, but they appreciate being petted, cuddled, and talked to. They can also get along well with other pets and children if introduced properly. Respect your cat’s personality and preferences, and do not force them to do anything they do not like. 


Brown cats are pretty rare. This is because most cats are white and have stripes and spots on their bodies consisting of multiple colors. Cats like the Havana Brown Cat and brown-colored British Shorthairs are pretty rare, with other breeds like the Devon Rex and the Oriental Shorthairs can be found in uncommon stores. Go to different pet stores in your city and look for brown cats. You cannot go wrong with any of them since they all look so cute.

If you want to know more about cats, share this article with your cat-loving friends and read our other article about cats too!

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