Two more US states have reported that a strange respiratory illness is spreading among dogs.

This week, Pennsylvania and Nevada reported several cases of dogs suffering from Atypical Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease. In total, sixteen states in the United States have reported this illness.

While the exact reason behind this illness is not known, some vets are saying it is best not to expose their doggies to any dog who shows any symptoms of the illness. Moreover, it is best to keep your dog on track with their vaccines and take additional precautionary measures while traveling during this holiday season.

Only last month did vets start to sound the alarm when they witnessed an increasing number of dogs coughing.

Dog Owner Speaks Out About Mystery Illness  

Wendy Brown has three golden retrievers – Lulu, Dooley, and Bridge. These three dogs started to display symptoms at the beginning of November.

Brown, at the time, said to Good Morning America, “Dooley started doing kind of this huffing and also seemed to feel quite lethargic. Not too long after, Bridge began to exhibit the symptoms. But his were louder, more boisterous. I thought it was his stomach because he made like a retching sound.

Originally, Brown actually thought that her pets were actually suffering from a common kennel cough. But when the symptoms did not subside, she knew it was more than that – and it was something very serious.

In this context, Brown said, “The vet started him on a 10-day cycle of doxycycline. Today was day 10, and he is not a lot better.

Brown is an Idaho resident, and she is not very sure about what could have actually caused her dog to get ill in the very first place.


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