There are some cats who have a very difficult time keeping those claws to themselves. And this cat happens to be wielding something completely different in place of their claws: yep, scissors as hands!

This particular black cat has scruffy hair and is dressed up for Halloween – he is totally rocking the Edward Scissorhands costume for the occasion. The perfect combination of cute and spooky, Kole loves his creepy Halloween costume. 

Who Is Edward Scissorhands?

Come on! Edward Scissorhands is an absolutely iconic gothic romance film. This Tim Burton film is about this man (Edward Scissorhands) who happens to grow up with scissors in place of hands. 

Kole knows how to work this look! It seems like the bulky costume doesn’t bother him – he is just strutting around, all while looking at the camera. And we can’t get enough of this adorable look – he looks so spot-on that he would have won any costume contest for Halloween if he participated. 

We also loved how the owner has tousled Kole’s hair just a little bit in the sides and the back to appear similar to their frazzled and messy hairstyle of Edward. It’s the best finishing touch to this crazy costume. 

We are wondering what the star who played Edward Scissorhands, Johnny Depp would think of this look – he will definitely love this look.

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