Captivity inside a concrete space is FINALLY over for fifteen Big cats.

On 16th December, twelve tigers, as well as three leopards, were rescued from Northern Thailand’s tiger farm, where these animals ended up spending their whole lives in captivity. The rescue was literally prompted after some kind of legal action was taken over alleged illegal trading against an unknown farm, as per WFFT (Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand).

Rescuers and government officials from Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand visited this farm at the beginning of December to start rescuing animals and moving them to their sanctuary. Rescuers began by eliminating animals with the most important needs first, with WFFt expecting to take in around 35 big cats from the actual farm.

Among the first animals to be rescued was an old, emaciated tiger called Salamas. In fact, WFFT did not even sedate Salamad, fearing that she would not make it to the sanctuary.

Instead, she was encouraged to move out into a transportation cafe, and then she was kept in a special wildlife ambulance that drove to reach the new home of the tiger throughout the night.

The other cats suffering from health problems, missing fur, and breathing issues were initially sedated and then checked medically before they were moved to the sanctuary. Currently, WFFT is focusing on helping the cats to recover at the Tiger Rescue Center of the sanctuary.

As per WFFT, the animals have spent their whole lives in inhuman captivity. Naturally, the first time they start walking around in the sanctuary, it will be so much better for the animals.


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