There is a zoo located in England that is currently celebrating the arrival of a new resident.

On 12th November, Cheshire’s Chester Zoo welcomed an eastern black rhinoceros calf. A rhinoceros calf is not just a critically endangered species but also happens to be one of the rarest mammals in the world. The birth of this baby rhinoceros calf marks an incredibly triumphant moment in the world of global conservation.  

After a fifteen-month pregnancy, closely tracked by the zoo, mother Zuri delivered the baby safely in a bed of soft sand at 2:45 p.m. in the afternoon. It’s a rare event, considering the zoo said that rarely are rhinos born during the day. The zoo staff was able to record the birth and warm moments of bonding between the mother and the newborn.

Emma Evison, the rhino team manager of the zoo, said, “We’d been eagerly awaiting this birth for 15 long months and, as it’s quite unusual for a rhino to give birth in daylight hours, we really didn’t expect it to happen right in front of us as we were going about our day. To be able to witness the calf safely entering the world in front of our very own eyes was just the most incredible privilege.

In the initial days after the birth, the mother and the baby are sticking together. Evison explained how it’s a vital part of the bonding process, “What’s most important now during these first few days is that mum Zuri and her new baby spend some time bonding and getting to know one another. So far, the two have been inseparable, and the little one is feeding regularly and already gaining in size and weight. She’s very inquisitive and full of energy, which is just brilliant to see.

The Birth Of Zuri And Conservation Efforts:  

As per the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, rhinos are one of the species facing the dangerous possibility of becoming extinct in the wilderness. Less than 600 rhinos are alive across Rwanda, Tanzania, and Kenya. As a result, the birth of the newborn is a positive step towards protecting the species.

Thanks to all the conservation efforts, there is some hope. As per Chester Zoo, the number of rhinos in the African region has increased a little in over a decade for the first time. Of course, the zoo also mentioned how plenty of work needs to be completed. The director of plants and animals, Mike Jordan, said, “Our efforts to protect this magnificent species extend far beyond the zoo’s boundaries and, while it’s incredibly positive news that conservation efforts across Africa have led to a small recovery in rhino numbers, giving them some much-needed breathing space, we know there’s still lots of work to be to do.

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