One of the amazing little creations of nature is this little Fennec Fox, often known as the “desert fox.” Being found in the dry desert zone of North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Sinai. To fend off the hot daytime desert climate, these are nocturnal animals.

Their big bat-like ears are their cooling system, they help radiate their body heat. To insulate them from the cold desert nights they have thick long fur, with a wool-like undercoat.

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Common NameFennec Fox
Scientific NameVulpez Zerda
SizeHead and body- 9.5 to 16 inches, tail- 7 to 12.2 inches
Weight2.2 to 3.3 pounds
Life Span10 to 12 years

Fennec Fox Adaptations and Habitats

Fennec Fox Adaptations and Habitats

Fennec foxes are known for digging dens under the sand to protect themselves from the scorching desert heat. They also stay under plants and sturdy sand dunes to protect them. 

Their dens usually have more than 15 entry points, across a large area. The dens of different families are all interconnected. 

Being omnivores they feed upon small lizards, rodents, geckos, and even bird eggs. They also feed on fruits and different plants.

Fennec Fox Reproduction

Fennec Fox Reproduction

Fennec foxes are mammals like other fox species. They usually reach the stage of sexual maturity at nine months of age. Their breeding time generally starts from January till April. 

Baby Fennec fox are the cutest little creatures. Both the female and male take care of the Fennec fox baby.

Fennec Fox as a Pet

Fennec Fox as a Pet

Fennec foxes are sold commercially as exotic pets. If you ask me how much a Fennec fox costs or the Fennec fox price, then they are highly valuable.

Even more when they are raised tamely for Fennec fox pet. To breed Fennec foxes, you need to register as a breeder in the United States. 

Fennec Fox: Fun Facts

Fennec Fox Fun Facts

1. They are the smallest foxes in the world:

Fennec Fox are the smallest foxes in the world

Height of a maximum of 3 ft tall and weigh a maximum of about 30 pounds. They are the smallest fox species in the world. They are even smaller than their cousins the beautiful red fox. In comparison, they are even shorter than a common house cat. 

2. Multipurpose Ears:

Fennec Fox Multipurpose Ears

Being the smallest of the fox species, they have the largest ears of them all. 6 inches tall pointing straight up. They use them to listen for prey under the ground. 

3. Extra Fur On The Feet:

Extra Fur On The Feet

Since, the deserts have extreme climates from day and night, the extra fur on the feet is a natural adaptation. The Fennec fox needs thick fur to protect from both the hot and cold climate. 

The extra fur on their feet helps to protect them from the heat of the sun. It also provides great friction to move across the loose sand.

4. Very Family oriented:

Fennec Fox Very Family oriented

These cute Fennec Foxes are the species that mate for life. And with each litter, they produce at least five pups each year. And the baby fennec foxes stay with the family until the next lot is born. 

When the females are pregnant or nursing the babies, the males protect them and bring them food.

5. They Have Rich Social Lives:

Fennec Fox Have Rich Social Lives

Fennec Foxes are not only very family-oriented but they have a large and very tight social circle. Though this is observed mainly in captivity. They generally enjoy each other’s company very much. 

Fennec foxes love to play with each other even when they are fully grown.

6. Highly Skilled Communicators:

Fennec Fox are Highly Skilled Communicators

Fennec fox babies and adults both have a variety of calls for different situations. These calls include barking, chattering, and sometimes brief and repeated howling. Also sometimes, they growl, shriek whimper, and also squeak. 

Being highly territorial, they mark their area or perimeter by defecating or urinating like others of their species.

7. Don’t Drink Much Water:

Fennec Fox Don’t Drink Much Water

Being highly adapted to the dry desert climate, fennec foxes can go a long time without drinking water. By eating fruits, leaves, and roots they get their water. 

Insects also provide them with water like grasshoppers, locusts, rodents, and lizards. 

8. Loves the Nightlife:

Fennec Fox Loves the Nightlife

Being nocturnal animals, they sleep all day and the nighttime is their time to shine. It is also easier to hunt for prey during the night when it is also cooler and comfortable.

9. Quick runners:

Fennec Fox Are Quick runners

Fennec foxes are quick runners, considering they running on the sand. They have the capability to run more than 20miles per hour.

10. Fennec Fox Baby Known As:

Fennec Fox Baby Known As Kits

Baby Fennec Fox is known as kits. They are very cute and small when they are born.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

1. What Makes The Fennec Fox Unique?

There are a lot of reasons why fennec foxes are unique. If you see a fennec fox drawing or picture you would know, they are the smallest fox in the world. With large ears, they are adapted to the desert. 

2. Do Fennec Foxes Have Night Vision?

Being nocturnal hunters, the fennec foxes have great and enhanced night vision eyesight. With reflective tapetum and elliptical pupils, they are great hunters at the night. 

3. How Long Can Fennec Foxes Go Without Water?

Fennec foxes are animals that can go without water indefinitely. They get hydrated from the plants, fruits, and other small animals that they eat. 

Wrapping up!

Fennec foxes as we have seen are really cute and small in size. But being exotic animals are highly expensive to keep as pets. So for your kids as an alternative buy a Fennec fox plush toy in the meantime. 

These plush toys are equally adorable and very cute and soft to play with. You kid will be very happy with it.


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