Humans have always remained big fans of the dog community. Every now and then, we hear a new dog breed comes, and people go gaga over them. Recently, fluffy frenchie, the purebred of the French bulldog, is turning heads. 

The Frenchie Fluffy is just another breed of bulldog that has an amazingly-short fur coat around it that surely creates a buzz wherever you take them. Consider yourself fortunate if you get to see these lovely canines because they are a rare breed. 

Resembling its identical French counterparts, this bulldog breed is available in various coat combinations and colors. However, its long fur and intriguing colors set them apart from the rest dogs. 

Attributes That Make Fluffy Frenchies So Furry

🐶 When you flood your Google searches with queries like the fluffy frenchie price, there is a common thing that you will notice. Since these dogs are purebred, they usually take birth with a mutated gene which will lead to immense hair growth within a very short period of time. One of the primary reasons why fluffy Frenchies are so fluffy is owing to their genetic mutation, the fibroblast growth factor of the FGF5 gene. 

    🐶 This genetic mutation usually results in the fur overgrowth of such dogs, thereby giving them a fluffy appearance. While it may appear to some that this mutation came all of a sudden into existence, it has been present for 200 years or more. 

    🐶 Bred, particularly as a companion and friendly dog, a fluffy frenchie might just be an ideal canine for people having flexible schedules. They might get a lot of time to spend with their pooch, which they absolutely love. This is an obvious indication of several French bulldogs who get extremely attached to their owners. 

      🐶 Temperament-wise, these cuties are usually playful, social, and food-dedicated. Your merle fluffy frenchie can sometimes be a little mischievous, but there is absolutely nothing to worry about it. Failing to get proper training, they might find it difficult to socialize with other puppies and pet animals. 

        Is French Fluffies Expensive? If Yes, Then Why?

        In general, french bulldogs are a little costlier, but this particular category of Bulldogs is even costlier. Generally stated, its price might range from $1,000 to $20,000. Prices might escalate if you opt for a rare coat color. However, there are various reasons that contribute to the exceeding fluffy frenchie cost:

          A Rare Gene

          A lot of experts blame the exceeding cost of this rare breed on its genetic mutation because the gene that results in the unique coat is usually complex to predict. On breeding two Fluffy frenchie adults, there is not 100% surety that they will bear fluffy offspring. However, this is not the only cause of this breed being so expensive. 

          They Have A Unique Build

            Another reason why the fluffy frenchie puppy has such an increased cost is due to its unique build. One can identify a French Bulldog by its incredibly large head but narrow hips, which is an indication that the lady French bulldog will need a C-section for giving birth to her litter. Well, things are not different for this purebred version as well. 

            How Healthy The Frenchie Breed Is?

            On hearing the phrase “genetic mutation,” one might think about their health. Well, the good news is, in terms of health, this friendly pooch is no different than its parent breed. In spite of its long fur, the frenchie fluffy pup shows no other health troubles as compared to its short-haired peers. 

            In a lifespan of 10-14 years, these cuties can suffer from various health diseases. If you are a Frenchie parent, make sure to save your baby from the following health problems:

            • Ear and eye infections
            • Allergies
            • Pyoderma
            • Brachycephalic airway syndrome
            • Conjunctivitis
            • Cataract
            • Infections regarding the upper respiratory tract
            • Intolerance to excessive heat
            • Cleft palate
            • Degenerative Myelopathy

            These are just a few diseases that can affect your pup. Make sure you walk through some reputed sources while bringing one of these unique dogs to your abode. There are chances that you might have excessive money spent on their health. However, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle for them and train them efficiently, these costs can be reduced significantly. 

            Grooming Needs Of A Fluffy Frenchie Dog

            As compared to the short-haired brethren, this long-haired dog requires a little more grooming. You might have to brush them every day for removing dead hairs and, eventually, avoid tangling. If you reside in a warm location, combing and grooming must be done daily in order to regulate air circulation in your coat. This might keep your fluffy pooch as cool and comfortable as possible. 

            Never fail to pay attention to the folds on their eye areas and face as they require regular cleaning. This will avoid any formation and/or accumulation of bacteria. This will be a significant step in minimizing skin irritation with so much hair all over the body. 

            As far as training is concerned, it is certainly inexpensive in comparison to the merle fluffy frenchie price. These puppies are usually amicable with a hint of stubbornness. You can try positive reinforcement practices such as praising continuously, treating them frequently, etc. 

            Key Takeaways

            All in all, we would just like to conclude that a fluffy frenchie is worth-investing. It has all the necessary attributes that make it an ideal pet. You will not have to give in a lot of effort to pet this adorable animal. All it takes is just a little patience, kindness, and joy to bring such a pooch home. 

            So, this was all about Frenchie fluffies. Thank you for reading out!

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