If you look deep inside the forest or in the depth of the ocean, there are numerous examples of funny animals that will definitely bring a smile to your face. 

These funny animals are most of the time weird or cute, it’s always either of the two. So if you wanna know a few of these funny animals then scroll down to know more about them. 

World’s Funny Animals

The world is filled with funny animals, either their physical features are funny or their behavior or personality is what funny animal videos are made of. 

So to laugh together at these weirdly cute funny animals then keep on scrolling down the article. 

1. Red-Lipped Batfish 😂

Red-Lipped Batfish

This funny little creature is an inhabitant of the Galapagos Islands. For all the women out there getting liposuction to pucker out their lips bigger, look at this little beauty, with big red lips. 

Nothing can be more funny and ironic for the red-lipped batfish, who lives at the button of the ocean but is a pretty bad swimmer. It is possible that this is a way for the males to attract a mate for them, But I don’t know if guys wearing red lipstick are so attractive to me or not. 

2. Penis Snake 😂

Penis Snake

If you think men wearing red lipstick underwater is embarrassing, then what will you do if one looked like a penis. This penis-looking snake-like creature is not even a snake, but a caecilian. Caecilians are essentially limbless amphibians that live underground. These creatures are similar to earthworms.

In fact, scientists believe that these creatures and earthworms share remarkable characteristics, in fact temperament. Scientists believe that these creatures are essentially not a threat to human beings, but they do possess venom glands that are used for hunting prey.  

3. Saiga Antelope 😂

Saiga Antelope

Looks like a deer, but it really is an antelope, the Saiga Antelope has cute funny animals looking faces with big eyes and a massive oversized nose to catch ants. So if love deer then you are going to find the Sauga Antelope really cute and funny. 

4. Indian Purple Frog 😂

Indian Purple Frog

If you find frogs ugly and disgusting, then you will find the Indian blue frog really funny or really ugly. As the name suggests, you very well know where these funny disgusting-looking things come from. 

The sex drive for these horny frogs is so high that they only live two weeks a year on the surface of the Earth, and the rest of the time, they are underground, humping. In fact, if we ever decide to make a list of all the horniest animals of animal kingdoms, then this animal would be rightly placed in the top five. 

5. Shoebill 😂


Birds like the shoebill are really funny. Rather, any bird can be funny animals if they have a beak like that. Even though these birds are found in ancient Arabs and Egyptians, still the bird was registered only in the 19th century, 1840s to be exact. However, due to the loss of habitat, these majestic creatures have been pushed to the brink of extinction. In fact, a study conducted by the IUGN Redlist have studied that there are around 3300 to 5300 mature shoebills roam the natural habitat.

However, this bird is not just a bird. But scientists believe that they are living, breathing dinosaurs. In fact, the bird even looks like something out of a Jurrasic Park movie. These birds mostly hunt smaller prey across marshes and swamp land of Sudan and  Eastern Africa. However, at night, these birds can easily make anybody soil their knickers. Since these birds have a unique appearance and are very rare, they can cost up to hundreds and thousands of dollars in the black market. These birds might look funny to people, but paleontologists believe that they are one of the fiercest avian species out there.

6. Sea Pig 😂

Sea Pig

It is strange how most of the funny-looking animals are under the sea, no wonder we know hardly any of these creatures. 

This little piggy we are talking about today lives under the sea and is like a weird-looking animal, with a sausage-like body shape. This little piggy is like an underwater vacuum cleaner, cleaning the seabed. 

7. Pacu Fish 😂

Pacu Fish

Even talking fishes like Nemo is not as weird and funny as a fish with a full set of human teeth. This piranha-like fish is called the Pacu Fish. 

To make things funnier or probably weirder is that these fishes are such ball-busters. I am not joking, it is rumored that they love balls, human balls, or testicles. 

No wonder they have the nickname “testicle-eating fish.” So guys, beware when you go swimming in the ocean, use protection. 

8. Sunda Colugo 😂

Sunda Colugo

After the flying lemur, this is yet another member of the primates that has a weird look on its face and can fly from tree to tree. Found in the forests of South-East Asia. 

With their Googly eyes, the Sunda Colugo looks deep inside your soul. Rather than weird, these Sunda Colugo has a funny look on their face that makes them cute. 

9. Dumbo Octopus 😂

Dumbo Octopus

This weird yet funny-looking animal is really funny looking since, normally octopuses, don’t have ears. That those floppy ears are what gave this octopus its name, Dumbo, like the Disney animated movie Dumbo, a huge-eared elephant. captured by a circus who later on gets free.  

These cute creatures might look like they came straight out of a disney movie, but these creatures inhabit a highly hostile environment. These creatures usually inhabit the Hadal zone of the sea which is around 6,000 to 11,000 metres below sea level where there is no light.  Due to sparse food resources, these octopuses travel a lot from their designated residence in search of food. The diet of these octopuses consists mostly of small crustaceans and fishes.

10. Kinkajou 😂


The Kinkajou is among the funny animals who have a funny look on their face with great strength. These Kinkajous have a really strong tail, with which they climb up a tree hanging upside down, most superheroes cannot do that. 

To sprinkle salt on an open wound, they can even eat fruits while hanging upside down from their tail. They are that strong. 

Wrapping Up!

Now that you are well aware of these amazing funny animals, then you can now check these funny animals for yourself to know about them. 

So if you think this article made you smile and maybe laugh a bit too, then give this article a like and comment down below, which animal you found the funniest.

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