With technology advancing at such a fast pace, it is not surprising that there are several gadgets out in the market for pets too.

New technologies for pets can certainly make life easier for pet owners.

From automatic trays to microchip feeders, technology has come a long way in the pet space and there are several tech items on the way.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of gadgets that you definitely need to check out to make the most of the technological developments. From toys to devices, these are some of the best pet products according to customer reviews, ratings, and personal experience.

1. Furbo Dog Camera

Ask any tech-savvy dog owner and chances are they know about the Furbo dog comb.

This is because it fulfills a fur parent’s ultimate wish; the ability to be close to their dog even when they are not around.

The box has a device about 30 cm high that comes with a charging cable and a quick start guide. Furbo also recently released the latest model of the Furbo 360° dog camera. The upgraded version of this dog camera from Furbo offers 1080p live video of your pet, giving you a 360-degree view as well.

Pairing the app with the camera is also very easy, and the interface itself is intuitive and simple. To make the device function seamlessly, make sure you have a reliable internet connection. You can try out Cox Internet with their affordable plans and fast internet; you can ensure you stay connected to your pet at all times.

Owners also have the option to add behavior to a recorded video clip to track behavioral patterns for vets.

2. Varram Fitness robot

2. Varram Fitness robot

This device is one we couldn’t miss from the list, and it is not just because it looks cute.

If you have a dog or cat that is alone at home all day, you probably worry about them not getting enough activity or feeling lonely. Well, the Varram Pet Fitness robot is designed to keep them on their paws when no one is around.

It is an artificial intelligence robot with five stimuli that uses snack rewards to motivate the pet.

Thanks to VARRAM’s advanced positioning sensor, it can move flawlessly around any room. You never have to worry about it getting stuck since it can dodge everything that comes its way and overcome large obstacles.

Its app allows you to manage game time, amount of treats, sleep times, and activity routines. Additionally, for all cat lovers, there is a cat tail holder that will create a playful mood for your cat.

3.  Litter Robot 4

This cool device is an updated version of the Litter Box 3 and is definitely an upgrade. Like its predecessor, it is an automated, self-cleaning litter box that you can connect to your Wi-Fi.

The litter robots automatically collect the cat litter for you. To do this, they rotate and dump any lumps into the bin at the bottom of the machine. This self-cleaning tray not only saves you the hassle of cleaning up but also reduces any wastage.

Litter Robot 4 has a wider entrance than version 3, making it easier for cats of all sizes to get into the ball, especially large and heavy cats.

It also monitors the level of trays and also keeps an eye on your kitten’s weight.

4.  GoDogGo Ball Launcher

Many dogs love to fetch.

However, while they can spend hours chasing a tennis ball and returning it, it can be a little tiring for the people involved.

That’s why we have automatic tennis ball launchers.

With this particular device, you can use just one ball to play on your own until your dog returns it, or you can fill the bucket with multiple balls to keep your dog busy throwing continuously.

This launcher is one of the best automatic dog balls on the market today as it comes with unique features that make it the perfect choice for dog owners.

5.  SureFlap Pet Door

The SureFlap door flap is designed for small dogs or cats (however the newer versions do have an expanded capacity). SureFlap uses the pet’s collar microchip to open the door. After a few seconds, it locks automatically once they are in, keeping unwanted furry visitors out.

You can install them in any door where you would install a traditional pet door. You install it so that it faces forward and the battery compartment is inside your house. It is easy to manage as it uses four AA batteries.

Additionally, if you have multiple pets or a combination of small dogs and cats, this is not a problem; the device records up to 32 chips! There is also a manual lock so you can lock the device completely, allowing your pet to stay in or out. There is only one entrance and only one exit.

Wrapping It Up

Being a pet owner isn’t completely easy, and it requires a lot of work, and worry about your precious felines when you are away from home. This list of gadgets not only caters to common problems that you may face, such as feeding them when you are out, but it also helps with entertaining them.

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