Whether you want to groom your goldendoodle at home or by a professional groomer, or you want to know more about golden doodle grooming techniques, they are just going to look like a little bag of happiness. But what would look best on them? Your search ends here. Here are top five favorite looks for goldendoodles. They’re so cute, you’re going to love it.

Grooming Styles

Being the owner of a goldendoodle entails too much cuteness. There isn’t a dull moment with these sweet little creatures. They have an amiable personality and their entire lifetime goes by staying as near their owners as possible, cuddled up, wanting nothing but love. 

One of their most prominent features that sets them apart is their unique curly hairs. It is actually the most important reason why they were bred, initially. They were strategically bred to combine the low dander and the low shedding coat with the golden retriever‘s hyper-friendly demeanor to create the most versatile breed in terms of size and fur maintenance.  

From the beginning of their breeding they have been a trend and their popularity has grown in leaps and bounds. Everyone wants one of these due to their hypoallergenic coats. Their curly hairs are also suitable for the cutest haircuts. A fresh cut can spruce up your pupper’s look. 

Hair cut does not have to be mundane. There are so many different hair styles that fit a goldendoodle, suitable for their personalities. Below we are listing a few of our favorite haircuts for your goldendoodle next time you take him to the groomer. 

Kennel Cut

The most popular cuts for summers, also known as “the summer cut” the kennel cut is an all over shave that helps your pupper stay cool in the heat of summers. It gives them a neat look. Their otherwise dense coat makes the goldendoodle uncomfortable in hot weather, the kennel cut in such weather saves your dog the discomfort. 

Kennel Cut

This cut does not mean the dog becomes completely bald, instead their coats become a lot shorter and manageable, perfect for summers. The kennel cut means a uniform trimming of the fur all over the body, along with a clean shave of the face, feet and topknot.

The kennel cut can be customized to suit your needs with special considerations for tails, ears or face lengths. Although customizable, this cut does not add much of a look to your dog. With its hallmark curly coat gone, there is little left of its physical attributes. But the benefits of this cut are many such as grooming a golden doodle frequently can be avoided, and it conveniently displays the pup’s physique. 

With less fur to collect dirt, grime and bugs, there also less worry about poop getting caught in your pets fur. 

Puppy Cut

Out of the many golden doodle grooming styles, the puppy cut is one of the cutest. They seem to embody the haircut perfectly. All dogs look good with this cut but the goldendoodle with its curly hair looks the best with it. 

Puppy Cut

Similar to kennel cut this too is an uniform trim, but it does not look too clean, instead it gives a poofy look. The cut makes the pupper look younger, whatever their age. It’s also known as the teddy bear cut because of the customisable cut around the face. The area near their snoot is longer against the rest of the face which gives them a cute and playful look. 

It has a few benefits too such as preventing tangles and matted fur. It also leaves some amount of hair to keep them from freezing in the cold. This cut is one of the more versatile goldendoodle grooming ideas. Golden doodle teddy bear cut being a trending search, its the most adored look on this breed.

Poodle Cut

Goldendoodles can also sport poodle cuts which makes them appear more similar to poodles, which is already in their genes. It has a low-cut clean look from their  face, back, belly and sides. The tops of their head, ears, legs and tail will have a thick, fluffy appearance, given that these spots matte less. Share your thoughts with the groomer to make the necessary changes accordingly. 

Poodle Cut

This cut may be popular but might make your pup look a little older and add elegance. 

Lamb Cut

The lamb cut is another very popular choice giving the dog a soft lamb-like look. It is also a very out-of–the-box cut that can be chosen to give your dog a rare look. 

Lamb Cut

The dog is clipped down to an even inch except the legs. The legs are made to look longer and shaped a bit puffier and more rounded. The groomer makes the whole cut come around seamlessly without any awkward snips. 

The cut is very standardized but it can be customized to suit your styling needs. You can choose the length of the clipping and the poofiness of the legs and the rest of the body and the groomer can help you achieve that look. 

Lion Cut

This particular cut changes the look of you dog drastically. The beloved goldendoodle looks like a lion quite literally here. This cut is more common among pomeranians but it can also be given to goldendoodles. 

Lion Cut

It is achieved by creating a shaggy mane for your dog and a pom tail like that of the lion. The rest of the body is given a relatively closer trim around the back, belly, as well as legs. Keeping the mane extending down to the chest will give the authentic lion look.

It can be possible to customize this look by cutting the body fur less close to give a more muscular look, etc.


Now that you know about the most loved golden doodle grooming idea, as a pet parent you will have to use discretion to choose which cut will suit your dog the best. Cuts that are a bit off the hook add personality to your dog but it may not always be the most suitable fit. You can also follow a golden doodle grooming chart to understand the deal better.

You would know your dog the best and if you think they can pull off a look you can hit the groomers’ with your pup in tow. 

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