Ever wondered what happens when you cross a Golden Retriever and a Dachshund? You get an adorable mix called the Golden Dox. This spunky hybrid brings you the best of both breeds bundled up in a furry, fun-loving package. If you’re looking for a charming companion to brighten your day, the Golden Dox has everything you need – a playful and energetic temperament, soft golden fur, and adorable looks. They will also lavish you with unconditional love and attention.

So before you start searching for Golden Dox puppies for sale, read on to discover if the Golden Dox is the perfect pooch for you!

Golden Dox Breed Overview  

It is not known exactly who first created the Golden Dox by crossing the dachshund with the Golden Retriever. However, it is commonly believed that the breed likely originated sometime in the 1980s. The Golden Dox, also known as the Golden Weenie dog may not have an origin story but the origin and history of its parents’ breeds are well documented. Knowing the history of the parent breeds will help you to understand the temperament and personality of Golden Dox breed.

Golden Dox Breed

One of its parents, the Golden Retriever hails from the Scottish Highlands where it was originally developed in the mid 19th century to meet the need for a hunting dog that is capable of hunting on both land and water.

The Dachshund on the other hand is a much older breed from Germany. They were bred sometime in the 15th century to hunt badgers and other small animals that lived in underground burrows. Sometimes Dachshunds were also used to track wild boars.

Read on to learn more about the Golden Retriever and Dachshund mix.

Size and Appearance  

Just like any designer breed, it is not easy to predict what the Golden Dox puppies will look like. It is especially difficult for a breed like Golden Dox because its parents – the Golden Retriever and the Dachshund vary greatly in terms of size and body structure, temperament, and coat type.

Size and Appearance

Therefore the appearance of golden dox puppies depends a lot on which parent breeds their genetic makeup leans towards the most. In general, the Golden Dox is a small to medium-sized dog breed with an average height of a full-grown Golden Dox is 10 to 23 inches (25-58 cm) and weighing 30 to 60 pounds (13-27 kg).

The head and facial structure of the Golden Dox is inherited from its Golden Retriever parent. However, its small legs and longer, low-slung body are a contribution from its Dachshund parent. The Golden Dox has muzzles similar to the Dachshund, almond-shaped eyes, black nose, and floppy ears like both of its parents.

Temperament and Personality Traits  

The Golden Dox, a mix of the Golden Retriever and Dachshund has a friendly, energetic temperament. Their loyal and social personality makes them ideal family dogs and companions. Golden Dox dogs are playful, gentle, and patient with children and other pets. They love being around people and crave attention, affection, and bonding time with their owners. While the Dachshund parent breed can be stubborn, the Golden Retriever’s friendly nature helps create a Golden Dox that aims to please and is eager to learn new things.

Temperament and Personality Traits

They bond very closely with their families and prefer to be by their side whenever possible. But because of this trait, Golden Dox dogs can develop separation anxiety if left alone for long periods. Crate training, interactive dog toys, and leaving the TV or radio on can help, but they are most content when their people are home.

Lifespan and Health Issues  

Golden Dox dogs tend to be healthy hybrids with a lifespan of 10-15 years which is similar to how long dachshunds live. But as with any mixed breed dog, the Golden Dox can inherit health issues from either parent breed. Here are some conditions that you should be aware of before searching for golden dox for sale.

golden dox lifespan

Ear Infections  

The Dachshund’s long, floppy ears don’t allow for much airflow and can trap moisture, increasing the risk of ear infections. Check your Golden Dox’s ears regularly and clean them if needed to prevent infection. See a vet right away if you notice any redness, bad odor, excessive scratching, or fluid coming from the ears.

Back Problems  

The Dachshund’s long back can make them prone to intervertebral disk disease and spinal injuries. Don’t let your Golden Dox jump from high places, go up and down stairs frequently, or engage in rough play that could aggravate their back. Keep your dog at a healthy weight to avoid extra stress on their spine.

Eye Issues  

Some Dachshunds can inherit a congenital eye defect called Distichiasis, in which eyelashes grow in an abnormal location on the eyelid, irritating the eye. Watch for any squinting, excessive tearing, or pawing at the eye which could indicate this condition. Cataracts, glaucoma, and progressive retinal atrophy can also sometimes occur in Dachshunds and may be passed down to the Golden Dox.

Hip Dysplasia  

Golden Retrievers are prone to developing hip dysplasia, a malformation of the hip socket that can lead to pain, difficulty walking, and arthritis. Hence you should get your Golden Dox examined by a vet to check for any signs of hip dysplasia. Keeping your dog at a healthy weight and giving joint supplements can help manage symptoms.

By being aware of the potential health issues your Golden Dox may face, and providing proper care, nutrition, and vet checkups, you’ll help keep your mixed breed companion happy and thriving for years to come.

Training and Exercise Needs  

Don’t be fooled by their small size, Golden Dox dogs need daily exercise and outdoor activities to burn off energy and stay happy. Fifteen to thirty minutes of walks, games of fetch, and puzzles and interactive dog toys can provide mental and physical stimulation. Without it, they may become restless or engage in destructive behavior.

Training and Exercise Needs

The Golden Dox is an intelligent breed but can also be a bit stubborn sometimes – a trait inherited from its dachshund parent. They also have a short attention span. As a result, training this breed may be slightly difficult.

Dietary Requirements   

The energetic Golden Dox requires nutrient-rich food that is specifically designed to meet his age, weight, and activity level. Hence you need to feed your Golden Dox premium quality dog food that is high in protein. Look for a premium kibble for medium breeds with named meat like chicken, beef, or fish as the first ingredient. void dog food brands that contain fillers and artificial preservatives as it can cause digestive problems, bloating, and diarrhea.

Dietary Requirements

This crossbreed can be prone to weight gain, so measure out portions and stick to a regular feeding schedule. Typical amounts are 1 to 2 cups of kibble per day, split into two meals.

Grooming and Maintenance  

The Golden Dox is not a hypoallergenic breed. They have a double coat that sheds moderately all year round. The length of their varies between long, short, and medium depending on which parent breed the dog takes after more. The Golden Dox’s coat hair can also be smooth or wavy.

Grooming and Maintenance

If your Golden Dox takes after its Golden Retriever parent, then it needs to be groomed on a regular basis. Their coat requires frequent brushing and bathing, especially if they take after the Golden Retriever side. You’ll want to brush at least 2-3 times a week to minimize shedding and tangles. Bathe your dog every 4-6 weeks or when they start to smell bad. After bathing them, use a towel or a blow dryer to thoroughly dry their coat.

In addition to brushing and bathing, they will also need other routine grooming. Take them to a vet or groomer for nail trims every month or two, or trim them yourself if you feel comfortable. Their nails should never get so long that they affect their gait or make it uncomfortable to walk. Check their ears regularly for buildup of wax or debris and clean them with a vet-approved ear cleanser and cotton ball. Brush their teeth several times a week to promote good dental health and fresh breath.

Golden Dox: Is it the right breed for you?  

The Golden Dox is not as active as its parent breed – the Golden Retriever, mainly because of its small size. So they make ideal pets for families or individuals who are moderately active. The breed also makes fantastic companions for families with young children as they have a lot of energy packed into a small body. Their small size also means the possibility of the golden dox accidentally hurting small children while playing such as knocking them down or smothering them is quite low.

Since this types of dog is a small to medium-sized dog, it is well-suited to living in apartments. But in that case, the golden dox should be taken on long walks or to the dog park daily so that it gets enough exercise to stay fit.

Golden Dox: Costs and Where to Buy?  

Before you start searching for Golden Dox for sale, you should know that these puppies cost somewhere around $500 to $1000. However, the exact Golden Dox price will depend on the breeder’s location and experience, the lineage of the puppy, and current market rates in your area. Some breeders may charge slightly higher prices for a “teacup” or a mini Golden Dox, but generally, you’ll be looking at $800-$1,200 for a typical pup.

But before you pay such a substantial amount, you should make sure that you are buying from a responsible Golden Dox breeders USA who follows ethical breeding practices. Here are some tips that will help you to understand if the breeder is responsible or not.

  • A responsible breeder will allow you to visit the Kennel where the puppies are kept. They may also allow you to visit the areas where the puppies and their parents spend most of their time.
  • An ethical breeder generally practices healthy breeding practices. They do not force the breeding dogs to mate with each other throughout the year. Instead, they conduct the breeding process during the natural mating season in Spring and Fall. As a result, they may not have a litter of pups available for you. So if you are put on a waitlist, then it means that the breeder follows ethical breeding practices.
  • The Golden Dox breeder has extensive knowledge about the two parents – the Golden Retriever and the Dachshund. They will be able to answer any question you have about the breed like nutrition requirements, temperament, exercise needs and the like.
  • An ethical breeder will be able to provide you with medical records of the parent breeds and health certifications like vaccination, deworming, and any other medical test results and records.

Additional Initial Costs  

Don’t forget to budget for essentials like a crate, bed, bowls, collar and leash, grooming tools, training pads or litter box, and high-quality puppy kibble. This can easily add another $200-$500 to your initial investment.

Your new puppy will need to visit the vet for an exam, deworming, vaccinations, and spaying or neutering. Budget at least $200-$500 for initial vet care and essential medical procedures.

Ongoing Costs  

As with any dog, Golden Doxes require care, feeding, training, and medical expenses that continue for the lifetime of your pet. Estimate $50-$100 per month for quality dog food and treats, $30-$50 for grooming tools and professional grooming 3-4 times a year, $10-$30 for toys and training, and $200-$500 annually for vet checkups, vaccinations, medications, and other medical care.

However, if don’t want to pay such a huge sum of money, then you can also visit your local rescue shelters and adoption centers to check if they have a Golden Dox for adoption. Golden Retrievers and Dachshunds are two of the most popular dog breeds in the world. So, it is not impossible to find a Golden Retriever-Dachshund mix at rescue shelters.

Final Thoughts

This fun-loving and playful hybrid dog has the perfect mix of traits from its Retriever and Dachshund parents. With a friendly and social temperament, a Golden Dox can make a wonderful addition to any family. While they require daily exercise and a lot of attention, their charming personality and lovable nature make any effort worthwhile.

So if you’re looking for a devoted companion to brighten your day with smiles and laughter, the Golden Dox may just be the perfect pooch for you. What are you waiting for? Start your search for a furry new family member today!

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