Are you planning to adopt a golden retriever puppy? Well, if you are, then you have come to the right place because, in this article, we will tell you all that you need to know about adopting a golden retriever. 

While the advantages of bringing a golden retriever to your home are many, most people assume there’s no con to adopting a retriever. But those people, like most of us, are blinded by love for their golden pet. If we are being honest, there are some disadvantages of bringing a golden retriever puppy home. 

Before you bring one in, compare the pros and cons and make a decision that will suit you and your family the best. Scroll down to find out more on the same!

Bringing A Golden Retriever Puppy Home: Pros

Golden Retriever Puppy Home: Pros

There’s something so cute and lovable about golden retrievers. Thus, wanting to bring one golden retriever puppy home is not really big demand. Instead, check out the pros below and be better prepared to come up with these when your family fights you on the same again. 

Loves Family And Children 

Golden retrievers Loves Family And Children 

Once people find out how great these cuties are with families and children, the next thing they do is find a golden retriever puppy for sale. In fact, if you are a family with children, it’s only natural that you would want to bring in a dog who can mix up with your family, especially with your kids – a golden retriever puppy will do precisely that!

Golden retrievers are pretty social and love hanging out with their human family all the time. If you are not going to spend much time with your pet, then our suggestion would be to not opt for this dog. These dogs need constant love and attention, or they become sad and depressed. 

Smart With A Great Personality

Golden retrievers Smart With A Great Personality

The main reason why most people read the benefits of adopting these puppies and immediately type ‘golden retriever puppy price’ on Google is how intelligent these dogs are, and that too with great personalities. Since these puppies are social by nature, they are relatively more extroverted, warm, and welcoming to people. 

In fact, Dr. Stanley Coren, in his book The Intelligence Of Dogs, has ranked the golden retriever breed in the fourth position in terms of smartness. The deduction is made on the basis of how fast these cuties can learn and perform commands. Moreover, these dogs can learn as many as 165 words and are considered to be as smart as a 2-year-old human child. 

Can Be Trained Easily 

Naturally, if a golden retriever puppy can learn up to 165 words and become as smart as a two-year-old human child, how difficult can it be to train them? Moreover, they also love to please their human friends and have a fine taste for treats. Thus, it is relatively easy to train these cuties. 

Moreover, these dogs are so beautiful – from the royal canine golden retriever puppy and Siberian husky golden retriever puppy to the golden retriever husky mix puppy, there is not a single type of this breed that is not beautiful. Thus, these cuties have managed to win our hearts! What about yours? 

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They are moderate barkers

    However, Golden Retrievers have made it to the Guinness World Record for their loudest bark, they do not bark quite often. But that does not mean that they express any less. They are expressive and are very emotional as well. You will be able to figure it out from their body language if they are thinking about something.

    They are great therapy dogs

      Golden retrievers are the most common breed that make the best therapy dogs. And imagine getting that in the small size. Though they ar not official therapy dogs, they can definitely help with your personal therapy. They respond well to your emotional state as well, and try in their very own way to deal with the situation when they find you upset or happy. 

      These little fur balls are great to hug and they will snuggle right in, they are great listeners and would keep your secrets all to themselves. And they are not just good with humans, but make great companion for other dogs as well, mainly because of their personality.

      Bringing A Golden Retriever Puppy Home: Cons

      This one can be a little heartbreaking to read for pet parents, but then you know this was coming. Thus, before finding out how much is a golden retriever puppy, check out the cons of this breed below!

      Golden Retrievers Shed Too Much

      Golden Retrievers Shed Too Much

      If you are planning to adopt a golden retriever puppy, it is time you ready yourself to become used to all the puppy hair everywhere because these dogs shed a lot. In fact, if you have any kind of allergy that can get triggered by this type of heavy shedding, it’s best to avoid adopting a retriever. 

      Sometimes, there will be dog hair on your furniture, and on more challenging days, it might land up on your hairbrush, bed, food, or even toothbrush – excessive shedding can even create a whole hairy atmosphere inside your living room. So keep your eyes open and manage your golden retriever effectively. 

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      Require Plenty Of Grooming

      These dogs are beautiful, but beauty is never cheap. So, as a result, you need to remember that these dogs need a lot of grooming. And grooming takes time, money, patience, and lots of effort. So if you don’t have the time for your little black golden retriever puppy, the best thing that you can do in this context is not adopt the breed. 

      Moreover, if you feel like you definitely don’t have the time or patience to perform so many grooming tasks, but you love your puppy way too much, there’s something else you can do in this context. Of course, the best thing that you can do is seek expert help – yes, it will cost you money, but anything for your little one, right?

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      Not A Cheap Investment

      We have constantly been saying these throughout the article – investing in a golden retriever puppy is CHEAP. And the data below will help you to understand the whole money situation in a much more comprehensive manner. Moreover, don’t forget about all the maintenance fees that you will be required to invest post-adoption. 

      Type Of Golden RetrieverPRICE
      Purebred golden retrievers (from breeders)500 to 3000 Dollars
      Adopted golden retriever200 to 500 Dollars
      Puppy’s maintenance for the 1st year2,000 to 3000 Dollars
      Dog’s maintenance in the adult years1500 to 2500 Dollars

      The investment factor also varies from breed to breed. For instance, a red golden retriever puppy will cost you more than an ordinary golden retriever puppy.

      They come with a lot of health issues

        Golden Retriever puppies often develop quite a few health issues because of the inbreeding and backyard breeding. This is the reason behind getting all those health issues. Almost 60% of the Goldens are affected by Cancer. Though there is no cure yet, but there arestudies going on to find some answer for their disease.

        They do not pass for good guard dogs

          It is often said that because of the friendly nature of Goldens, they might even lead the way for the burglers and show where everything is. All they need is a head scratch and they will give in. 

          But because of their loud bark they might let you know that there is something going on, if they think that something is not right. They often use their voice to let their parents know that there is someone inside the house or at the door.

          Frequently Asked Questions:

          1. Is A Golden Retriever A Good Puppy?

          Yes, a golden retriever is a great puppy, perfect for families with children. These dogs are social beings and love hanging out with their human families. Thus, if you are planning to adopt one, do it today!

          2. Can Golden Retrievers Be Aggressive As Puppies?

          It is literally unheard of how these puppies are hardly ever aggressive. They are social, warm, and playful. They love hanging out with their human family and can get really depressed in the absence of enough attention, love, and care.

          3. Is It Better To Get 2 Golden Retrievers?

          This one’s totally on you. If you have the space, time, and money, get as many golden retrievers as you want to. However, if you lack any of the above three, then it’s best you don’t adopt more than you can manage.

          Wrapping up: 

          After going through the primary pros and cons of adopting a golden retriever puppy, are you still planning to bring them home? If you are, then we know these are the perfect dogs for you and vice versa. 

          Let us know in the comments section below!

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