Yesterday marks International Cat Day, and the world is purring back to the most popular pet of all time with some of the most hilarious online posts. Joining the purrty were producers, studios, and several other shows that featured or had any affiliation to cats. 

The United States boasts about 85-95 million cats that live in households with their humans. The estimates were made by various charities that focused on animals.

Cats have been special since time immemorial. They were worshipped in the days of ancient Egypt. Queen Cleopatra, too had and loved cats, proving time and again that these amazing creatures have always had human fans. 

When the topic is celebrity cats, Taylor Swift’s brood of cats makes it to the top of the list. Swift is a self-professed “cat lady” who has a cat called Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson, named after her favorite leads, played by Ellen Pompeo and Mariska Hargitay from the show Grey’s Anatomy and Law & Order: SVU, respectively.

Taylor Swift with her cat

Taylor added another third kitty to her gang, the splendid blue-eyed Benjamin Button. They first met on the sets of “ME!” where Benjamin starred alongside her now-mom. On finding he was available for adoption, Swift was swift to take him home. The news got confirmed with an Instagram post captioned “cat lady thirst trap.”

Another A-lister who loves cats is Gigi Hadid, who has been a mom to a tabby, Cleo Hadid, since 2015. Khloe Kardashian is yet another name synonymous with cats. She adopted a gray cat for her daughter, True. She has been regular with posting pictures of her daughter with her cat. 

There aren’t any statistical data to speak for Hollywood, but we can safely say that cats are a common phenomenon there, too, if social media posts are anything to go by. 

Online tributes poured in for the feline buddies on this International Cats Day. 

Mark Ruffalo shared pictures of his cats, saying, “Cats are like those animals you can never get sick of” – Odette (age 12). Happy #InternationalCatDay.” He finished off with a cat emoji.

Happy #InternationalCatDay (cat emoji) Here are some of the most influential cats of the wizarding world… (and yes, Millicent Bulstrode’s cat does get a mention for causing havoc without lifting a paw), posted Wizarding World, a page affiliated to the Harry Potter franchise.

The page for James Bond tweeted, “On #InternationalCatDay we celebrate cinema’s most famous pet…” with a collage of cat photos. 
Stan Lee’s page on Twitter, now X, posted saying, “Need something to smile about? Please direct your attention to this legendary photo of Stan and @RealGrumpyCat. #InternationalCatDay #StanLee,

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