Hedgehogs, little prickly creatures, have won the hearts of many and have now become a popular pets for those who like small animals. They might look small but has a personality like any big animal. They are very choosy. Also, they have their food preference toys preference and often like to choose their bedding. 

They are generally shy and often take time to warm up to their owners, but they are generally affectionate and feel safe and comfortable with the person who takes care of them. Considering the long-term and immediate costs of owning a hedgehog is important before you get them home. Be prepared to get them home and make sure it is not an impulsive buy. 

Hedgehogs need affection and time, and you have to put in a lot of effects to get them comfortable with you. And they are monetary investments as well. How much are hedgehogs, actually?  Well. The annual cost of owning a hedgehog is from $200 to more than $600 per year.

Bringing Them Home: The Immediate Cost

If you have planned to bring a hedgehog home, there are many monetary conditions you have to face, and the first one is to make the investment for getting the hedgie home and to provide them with a happy and safe place to live. It is generally expensive to buy a hedgehog, even if you are buying a rescued one.

The immediate cost involved with bringing the new hedgehog home includes an initial pet visit, an enclosed area for the hedgie to live in, a food bowl, food, toys, a heating pad, and a place for them to hide during the day inside the enclosed area and more. Make a list of everything you will need before getting the little creature home, and then price shop in the area to keep a budget.

Let’s break down the cost and see how much are hedgehogs as pets.



It is difficult to exactly tell the amount for adopting a hedgehog, but it somewhere costs around $50 to $100. And the cost of adopting a rescued hedgehog depends on how much they might have to spend on the pet. If a person is paying a high price to adopt a rescued hedgehog, they are going to provide them with the care they need. 

Ensure you are not confused when a breeder says you are adopting it. This sometimes becomes misleading as people believe they are rescuing an animal but buying them from a profit breeder.



If you are getting a hedgehog for $100, then it is a rare exception, and it can happen that the disabled or non-breedable hedgehog. Generally, they cost more than $200 from a breeder. To get an unusual color or more desirable hedgehog, you might have to pay over $300.

Before purchasing, get clear information about the breeder from whom you plan to purchase the hedgehog. Make sure they have a good reputation for breeding healthy animals. You can check online reviews as well.

Aquoti/Standard Color$100-$300
Pinto patterned$150–$350



Hedgehogs require a lot of items to take care of themselves. There are many items, and it is not difficult to find the supplies. But before going shopping, make sure you are prepared to invest a few hundred dollars as the initial and annual cost of the hedgehog.

Let’s Discuss The Annual Expenses Now. ($200-$600 A Year)

Well, the annual cost is calculated after adding a lot of factors. You would need to plan an annual visit to keep their health in check, you would have to be prepared to buy their food, treat them throughout the year, and change their cage bedding numerous times yearly. You would have to buy toys to keep them entertained, and keeping all these items in good condition should also be considered while making the annual budget. Let’s see how much are hedgehogs costing you annually.

Health Care (50-$150 A Year)

Health Care

Hedgehogs don’t require extensive treatments, but having a vet specializing in exotic animals is important for keeping their health in check.  Keep a backup for emergencies; many emergency vet clinics cannot treat exotics.

Check Ups (50-$150 A Year)

Check Ups

These prickly creatures don’t need regular vet visits, but getting them checked at least once yearly is important. They don’t require vaccines, but only licensed veterinarians would be able to know if they have any other serious health issues or not. 

Dental ($50-$100 A Year)


Hedgehogs generally don’t require any kind of regular dental care, or they might never need it in their entire life. But sometimes, they require dental cleanings or damage their teeth and develop tumors inside their mouth.

Treatment For Parasites ($0–$150 A Year)

Treatment for parasites

Hedgehogs can get afflicted by only a few parasites; it is unlikely that you have to spend money on that. Visit a vet, and monitoring them closely can help you know if they are affected by parasites. The earlier you know about the problem, the better it is.

Emergencies ($100+ Per Year)


It is difficult to plan things for emergencies. But keeping an emergency fund will keep you prepared. Keeping things planned will help you take care of them when emergencies arrive irregularly.

Food ($45–$120 A Year)


The amount you spend on a hedgehog depends on the quality of the food you buy. You can make it a monthly expense or buy for a few months together. And if you are buying food together for a few months, you must plan something to keep them fresh. You have to buy treats for them from time to time as well.

Environmental Maintenance ($100-$270 A Year)

Environmental maintenance

Maintainance cost depends on several factors like the kind of bedding used, how frequently it is replaced, how much you use cleaning wipes, and how often you replace the heat lamps. If you use a poor-quality cage, you might have to replace it more frequently.

Entertainment ($20-$60 A Year)


Keeping your hedgie entertained would be fun for you and your pet. You might get them an exercise wheel or toys to keep them entertained. Keeping them entertained will keep them healthy as well.

Wrapping Up!

Well, if we are asked how much are hedgehogs in general? The answer would be they cost approximately around $200-$600+ per year. The cost depends on the brand you are buying. 

The cost varies from brand to brand. There are many ways to keep the annual spending on a budget, but keeping some money aside for your pet is important. It will help you stay composed during emergencies

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