Indian dog breeds are among the most adaptive in the world. Owing to their unique genetic markup, they can adjust to the vagaries of weather. But even then, they aren’t immune to neglect.”

You will be amazed to know how many different types of Indian dog breeds there actually are and how well they thrive when trained properly. So if you wanna know about these Indian dog breeds, then keep on scrolling through the article and keep reading.

1. Indian Pariah Dog  

Indian Pariah Dog

Region Where it’s Found: All Over India

Other Name: Indian Native Dog, INDog, Pye Dog, Pie Dog, Pi Dog

Appearance: These are double-coated and medium size dogs, with about 20-25 inches in height. A few of their common colors of them are dark or reddish brown and spotted brown. They are also seen in white and black colors.

2. Rampur Greyhound  

Rampur Greyhound

Region where it’s found: These dogs are found in the northern parts of India.

Other names: North-Indian Greyhound

Appearance: These hounds stand tall at 24” to 27” inches in length. Along with that, these hounds have a deep chest with sprung ribs and a curved long tail going upwards.

3. Kombai  


Region where it’s found: These dogs are found in the southern parts of India.

Other names: Indian bear hound, Combai

Appearance: The kombai look very similar to the rajapalayam, but they have a reddish brown coat color with a black mask. These dogs have a savage temper, strong jaws, and a strong tendency to be very active.

4. Chippiparai  


Region where it’s found: The Southern parts of India.

Other names: Indian Sighthound

Appearance: The Chippiparai is a beautiful medium-sized reddish, fawn brown with a slight tinge of a black dog. The dog also has limited whitish markings as well. They also have curved tails as well.

5. Rajapalayam  


Region where it’s found: Mainly in the Southern parts of India.

Other names: Indian Sighthound

Appearance: These are heavy-boned larger dogs. They are milky white in color but also in solid brown and black colors.

6. Mudhol Hound  

Mudhol Hound

Region where it’s found: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra

Other names: Pashmi, Caravan Hound

Appearance: These dogs are found mainly in the colors cream, red, fawn, fallow, mouse-grey, and black. These Indian dogs are narrow and long, with broader heads between the ears.

7. Indian Spitz  

Indian Spitz

Region where it’s found: This Indian dog breed is found in every part of India.

Other names: No other nicknames. But they are not Pomeranians

Appearance: The Indian Spitz is a medium-sized dog Indian dog breed whose weight is usually between 5-7 kg and is 35 – 45 cm in height. The average height that they reach is mostly 40cm tall. They are found in colors like white, brown, black, dusky, and even mixed.

8. Himalayan Sheepdog  

Himalayan Sheepdog

Region where it’s found: This Indian breed dog is mainly found in the foothills of the Himalayas,  the eastern parts of Nepal, and Kashmir.

Other names: The dog is also known as Gaddi Kutta, Bhotia, Bangara, and also the Himalayan Mastiff.

Appearance: The dog is primarily black in color but also in other colors like tan and even solid black color along with whitish markings over the extremities. They have a thick, long, and harsh double coat. With a height of 51 – 66 cm and a weight of about 23 – 41 kg.

9. Bakharwal Dog  

Bakharwal Dog

Region where it’s found: The Bakharwal dog is mainly found in India, but also in smaller Pakistan and Afghanistan in smaller numbers. In India, they are found near Ladakh and also across the Indian range of Pir Panjal.

Other names: Bakerwal Mastiff, Bakerwal, Gujar Dog, Kashmiri Mastiff, Kashmiri Bakerwal Dog, Gujar Watchdog, Kashmiri Sheepdog.  

Appearance: The Bakharwak dog is an ancient India Working dog, they are great as guard dogs for protecting livestock. Just like most dogs, the Bakharwal’s are also medium sized Indian breed dogs with a fluffy tail, furry coat, and sturdy build. The dog is available in many different colors, such as white, tan, black, red, brindle, fawn, pied, and sable.

10. Kumaon Mastiff  

Kumaon Mastiff

Region where it’s found: The Kumaon Mastiff is found in the Himalayan range, especially with the Kumaon tribe of the Himalayas.

Other names: The only other name that this Indian dig breed has is Cypro kukur.

Appearance: The Kumaon Mastiffs are known for their power and quiet and calm personalities. Unlike most Indian dog breeds, the Kumaon Mastiff are larger dog, with a muscular bodies, great neck strength, and with a short coat. The color of the dog is mostly brindle and white. The height of the dog is 27 – 30 inches, and the weight 150 – 180 lbs.

Wrapping Up!  

Now that you are aware of the best of Indian dog breeds, then, you will understand that these Indian dog breeds are great as pets, just as any other dog breeds.

So if you are a dog lover, then you should definitely adopt these Indian dog breeds. They are in need of a loving family and a permanent home. If you liked this article then give it a like and comment down below.

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