A German shepherd who was lost was discovered in a location that was not very typical – perched on top of a tree, over 25 feet.

In a monkey-like feat, the seventy-pound dog called Luna was able to scale and get stuck on top of a pine tree in Lotus, California. The dog was missing since Sunday morning as per KCRA3.

Brian Spies, Luna’s owner, shared with the news outlet that he was worried when the almost ten-month-old doggo did not come back home after a playing session outside that morning. Spies and two of his friends looked for Luna everywhere in the neighborhood for hours without any success.

He said, “We basically looked for her all day, driving around the mountain and calling for her. We were worried that she was injured. She would be out all night in the cold, so that’s why we searched until dark. We have bears, mountain lions, coyotes, foxes … Yeah, we’ve kind of got them all. So we didn’t know if a mountain lion snagged her or what.

The next day, around 10:30 in the morning, Luka Bogdanovich, one of Spies’ friends was able to spot Luna on a branch of a huge pine tree behind Spies’ home. Later, Bogdanovich recalled the incident with a smile, “I’m just driving down the road and look left. I’ll be darned. I see something in the tree, and I went, ‘Holy cow, that’s the dog.

Spies work in the construction industry. So, he was able to arrive at the scene armed with an extension ladder. He climbed up the tree and rescued Luna while another friend and Bogdanovich held onto the ladder and a sleeping bag for safety. Spies explained that Luna was tired after the ordeal but then was back to her energetic self.

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