What people don’t understand while getting a pet, thinking they are a piece of cake, but in reality, they are a lot of work. Especially if you get a dog or a cat, then you have to be a lot more responsible since they are not easy to take care of.

And if you are a busy person, working long hours, living alone in an apartment in the city, then also you can get a pet, but go for a low-maintenance one.

If you don’t know what low maintenance pets are, then that is exactly why I am here to help you out, so keep on scrolling through the article and know them all.

1. Turtles


If you want an easy and most low maintenance pet, then the best pet that you can get is a turtle. This low moving animal makes the ideal pet. They don’t shed fur, they don’t make noise, and for Halloween, you can dress them up as a cobblestone.

Turtles don’t need to be fed every day, and they usually live in an enclosed space, so cleaning after them is not your headache. After every few days, you need to just clean their container and refresh their water and give them sufficient food.

2. Tortoises


Just like turtles, tortoises need a little extra room to move around since they are a bit larger than turtles. But these tortoises are pretty similar to turtles in terms of behavior and personality.

Unlike turtles, tortoises are vegetarians, while turtles eat meat, tortoises need a substantial amount of vegetables to survive. And since they need a larger area to roam around, so it’s better you invest in a larger pen for your tortoise.

3. Fish


If you think that you don’t have the time to take care of a pet, but you really want one, then the ideal pet for you is fish, as low maintenance aquarium pets for kids as well.

There are many different types of fish that you can buy and keep as pets in an aquarium. These include popular choices like the betta fish, your usual guppies, and of course, goldfish. However, if you’re looking for even more variety, you might consider exploring the tetra fish types, which include neon tetras, black skirt tetras, and ember tetras. But if fishes aren’t your thing, you could always consider keeping another sea creature like a hermit crab instead.

4. Parakeets


Birds are great low maintenance pets as well since you don’t have to do a lot for them. And out of most birds, the parakeet is a great option.

Since they are not as chatty as parrots, who need a lot of interaction and attention. And in the case of parakeets, they can be trained by giving commands and don’t require as much attention.

5. Butterflies


Although it is tough to keep butterflies as pets since they don’t exactly make great pets, they don’t live for long after fully transforming as well. You can even study the full lifecycle of the butterfly, it will only take you 8 to 9 months maximum.

The enclosure that you need to build should have plenty of greenery inside it. But let me tell you that they are not as exciting pets as you might think.

6. Tarantulas


If you are one of those ballsy people who doesn’t have Arachnophobia, then you should definitely keep a tarantula as a pet. By keeping them as pets, you won’t have to do anything to take care of them.

You can’t play with them, you can’t cuddle, and daily feeding is not required, but they do feed on live insects, so keep them handy.

And you need to make sure to buy a well-enclosed terrarium and keep them in the dark corner of your home since they don’t like the sun.

7. Rats


Well, this Ratatouille situation might not seem like the best or ideal in any, but anyways here me out. By keeping rats as pets, I don’t mean the one that roams around the sewage system.

Well-bred rats make perfectly good pets if kept in well-ventilated compartments. You need to build them a proper enclosure with plenty of ways to exercise in it. That way, they will be happy and healthy in the cage, who knows, he might as well cook for you one day.

8. Snakes


This is a pet, but not for the faint-hearted. If you wanna keep a snake as your pet, then you need to be quite mentally strong. But in reality, a snake is a very easy pet to keep at home.

Though you need to make sure that you buy the snake from a registered and reputable vendor, or else you might be in legal issues.

Once you are well acquainted with your snake, then you will see that it is very easy to take care of one. As they don’t require much attention since they sleep most of the time and don’t require food as much.

9. Snails


Although they might not be considered your regular old house pet, it all depends upon your choice. Snails don’t usually end up being great pets, and not all snails are pet worthy like the Assassin snails.

If you prefer snails, then garden snails are the only ones that are great as pets and are pretty low maintenance as well. Snails are pretty easy to feed as well since they only feed on fruits and veggies.

10. Hamsters


A hamster is probably the easiest pet to handle, which is why it is given to kids as their first pet. But if you want a low maintenance pet, then a hamster is the perfect animal for you to have.

They are cute, adorable, and playful, but at the same time, they are low maintenance and also cost effective. You won’t have to do much to take care of them, just build them an enclosure to play around and keep them occupied.

Wrapping Up!

Well, now that you understand that there are other animals that you can keep as a pet other than regular old dogs and cats. So if you want easy low maintenance pets, then you can choose any one of these animals for yourself.

Now if you liked this article, then give it a like and comment down below to let me know which animal you chose.

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