The Denver Zoo invited a special guest, Maury Povich, while announcing a baby orangutan’s paternity.

The zoo’s director of integrated communications, Jake Kubié, told People that the former television host who famously solved multiple paternity disputes on this talk show was the 1st name whose name came to mind for this particular job.

Kubié said, “Apparently, I was a bigger Maury Povich fan than I thought, and his voice just popped into my head. I thought maybe he’d be open to doing this for us.”

After what Kubié describes as “a little light online stalking,” he was able to find the executive producer of Povich, who was able to connect him with the celebrity’s executive assistant.

As it turns out, Povich loved the whole idea. On Tuesday, the zoo shared this video featuring the host dressed in a tux, revealing the paternity of a four-month-old Siska, a Sumatran orangutan. On X, the zoo’s post on the topic said, “Fresh off receiving the Daytime Emmys Lifetime Achievement Honor, Maury Povich is here to help us announce the paternity results for Siska. Is Siska’s father thirty-year-old Berani or 16-year-old Jaya?”

In the video, Povich actually declares, “Berani, you are the father!” before the video shows the zoo’s staff applauding.

Kubié later said that it was very exciting to check out people’s responses to the video on the social media platform. At the time, he said, “We have a lot of big fans of our orangutan family here. So there’s equal excitement for finding out who the father was and that Maury did this for us.”


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