Yaad is just one, and he has already perfected a new form of art: we are calling it ‘elfie!’

On 8th December, New York’s Rosamond Gifford Zoo, located in Syracuse, shared two pictures on Facebook of the cute Asian elephant who seemed to be taking a selfie.

The caption of the adorable shots read: “Yaad took an elfie (elephant selfie).”

For the cute pictures, Yaad did get some help from a member of the staff at the zoo. Rosamond Gifford Zoo did tell People how the pictures were captured by a member of the animal care team, Alinda Dygert, who works closely with Yaad.

These pictures are literally the most newsworthy moment for Yaad. The baby elephant has made more than one headline since its birth. He is popularly known as one of the ‘Miracle Eletwins’ of the Rosamond Gifford Zoo.

In November 2022, Mali gave birth to twins – Yaad and Tukada – at the New York Zoo. Since twins makeup about only a percent of elephant births across the globe, the zoo found this arrival historic.

The Rosamond Gifford Zoo, in this context, said, “Twin elephant births are exceptionally rare, and we are extremely proud to have Yaad and his brother Tukada here with us. Yaad is the more adventurous and independent of the twins. These qualities cause Yaad to seek out new things, including photo opportunities.”When Yaad is not busy posing for pictures, he loves spending time with his twin brother and other elephants in their habitat spread across six acres.

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