The Mountain Cur dog is a type of working dog that is bred specifically for treeing and trailing small game, such as squirrels and raccoons. They are also used for hunting and catching big game, such as bears and wild boars, as well as being an all-purpose farm dog. They are a member of the hound group, and the Mountain Cur is one of several varieties of cur. They can also be used as water dogs.

These dogs are intelligent, playful, and hardworking and make god family pets if trained properly.

When do you want to adopt a four-legged friend? What comes first into your mind? Are they going to be comfortable with your family? This is one of the most common anxiety points among every new dog parent. 

When you want to adopt a very loyal and energetic dog, you have to give it some time to reach their comfort zone. But these cur dogs are very different types of dog breeds. You will get everything in a single dog breed. Another advantage is these dogs’ coats are small, so you do not have to spend hours grooming them.

So let’s see the origin of this mountain cur dog breed.

Origin Of Mountain Cur Dog Breed

Origin Of Mountain Cur Dog Breed

The Mountain Cur dog originated in the United States, where they were brought by European settlers who needed them to guard their families and properties, as well as to chase and tree game. They were a crucial part of the cultures of early pioneers, settlers, and homesteaders. They were almost extinct by the end of the 1940s, but four individuals are credited with saving the breed and setting the breed standard.

One of the most famous owners of the Mountain Cur dog was Daniel Boone, the explorer and frontiersman of the Appalachian mountains. He relied on the breed for protection and hunting and even carried young pups in baskets while on his expeditions.

Mountain cur dog breeds originated from the mountain ranges of Kentucky and Tennessee. These dog breeds have all the characteristics of any mountain and shepherd dog. These dogs are the first companions of the people who stay in Kentucky’s ranges. The popularity of these dog breeds is helping them to make the journey from the southern part of the mountains to the other parts of the United States.

In the early days, they helped humans with farming and assisting in hunting. We all know dogs are always human’s best friends. And these dog breeds all have those characteristics of those best friends. They are pretty intelligent, energetic, and loyal watchdogs.

Characteristics Of Mountain Cur Dog

Before adopting any Cur dog, look at its features first. Hence, with these facts, you will get the whole idea of how to take care of your mountain cur puppies and dogs. 

Physical Characteristics Of Mountain Cur Dog

The Mountain Cur dog is a medium-sized, short-coated dog that comes in various colors, such as blue, black, yellow, brown, or brindle. Some of them may also have white markings on the face or chest. The weight is usually between 30 and 60 pounds, and the height is 18-26 inches for males and 16-24 inches for females. They have a strong, muscular body, a broad head, a tapered muzzle, and a long tail. They have dark, expressive eyes, and their ears are either drop or semi-drop.

The Mountain Cur dog has a short and dense coat that can be either smooth or rough in texture. The coat can come in various colors and patterns, such as black, blue, brindle, brown, red, yellow, blonde, or buttermilk buckskin. Some dogs may also have tan points, white markings, or brindle points. The dogs with rough coats usually have well-feathered tails. The coat color and pattern may vary within a litter of Mountain Cur puppies.

Characteristic Traits Of Mountain Cur Dog

The Mountain Cur dog is an intelligent, easily trained, and loyal dog that does whatever job its master desires. They are not vicious or shy, but they are reserved with strangers and protective of their territory. Mountain Curs are known to try to please their humans and are able to get along well with children and other pets. They are not very demanding, but they appreciate being petted, cuddled, and talked to. This is a naturally active and curious breed, and they need physical and mental stimulation to stay fit and happy. They are best suited for rural or suburban areas, where they have enough space to run and hunt. 

The Mountain Cur dog is a wonderful companion that can bring joy and comfort to their owners for many years. They are also a versatile and hard-working dog that can excel in various activities, such as hunting, tracking, herding, agility, obedience, or search and rescue. They are a proud and noble breed that deserves respect and admiration.

Characteristics Of Mountain Cur Dog


  • Friendly with other dog breeds and humans.
  • High tolerance level when you kept them alone.
  • Adaptive to apartment lifestyle.
  • Cold and hot weather both are suitable for them.

Intelligence Level:

  • Easy to train. 
  • Hunting capability and like to play fetch games.
  • Barking and howling tendency.

Common Health Issues that Mountain Cur Dogs Are Prone To

The Mountain Cur dog is generally healthy and has a long lifespan of 9 to 20 years, with an average of 12 to 14 years. However, they may have some breed-related health issues, such as kidney problems, heart defects, gingivitis, periodontal disease, or obesity. To keep them healthy and happy, they need proper care from their owners, such as a balanced diet, regular exercise, routine check-ups, grooming, and dental care. 

Some other traits of Mountain Cur Dogs have been discussed below;

Grooming Requirements:

  • Small and dense coat.
  • The regular mountain cur dog coats are longer than the black mouth mountain dogs.
  • Accessible to groom dogs.
  • The drooling potential is moderate.

Exercise Requirement:

  • You already know this mountain view is originally from the mountain ranges. So they need regular exercise to keep their body active.
  • Nature is playful.
  • Excise needs are moderate to high. Sudden weight gain is possible due to a lack of physical exercise.

Mountain Cur Dogs Height, Weight, And Other Facts At A Glance

Mountain Cur Dogs Height, Weight, And Other Facts

The authentic cur dog or mountain cur lab mix most of these dog breeds are easily trainable and energetic. The most important factor of these dog breeds is they are pretty comfortable with strangers and every family member.

Here are a few characteristics you must know before getting one of these four-legged companions.

Mountain Curs FactsMeasurement And Level
Life Span13–15 years
Height19–25 inches
Weight36–62 pounds
Breed Temparatemnet Playful 
Intelligence LevelHigh
Far Shredding Amount Short coat with a moderate amount of shredding
Energy LevelPretty Active
Barking FrequencyFrequent
Drool AmountVery low
Body Colours Chocolate, black, red, fawn and yellow

4 Attractive Nature Of Mountain Cur Dog Breeds

4 Attractive Nature Of Mountain Cur Dog Breeds

Whatever mountain curs you are having, a regular one or a black mouth curs, there are always some special facts about these breeds. You should always keep it in your mind. As you already know, these dog breeds have small coats which are weather-friendly.

Here are some other four characteristics of this dog breed.

1. Playful And Energetic:

    Regular mountain cur and black mouth cur both are high-energy dog breeds. So during the training sessions, you have to provide both mental and physical stimulation. They are not lapdogs. These breeds are specialized for doing some tasks. So you have to train them from very early. And keep them busy.

    2. Wonderful Family Dog:

      These breed dogs are pretty hardy and muscular. Even mountain cur is a pretty affectionate nut as they are a pretty energetic and macula dog breed. You should always have your eyes on your children when they are interacting with the dog. Always tell your children about how to approach the larger breeds and how to play with them.

      3. Mountain Cur With Other Small Animals:

        Mountain Curs have an intense prey drive. So keeping them with cats is not safe. They are a highly sociable breed. But introduction sessions with the other dog breeds must be slow. As they are highly territorial watchdogs. You have to make sure that they are not feeling threatened over territory.

        4. Bath And Brushing Necessity:

          These types of cur dogs are shedding twice a year. The usual shredding seasons for these dogs are fall and spring. All along the year, they do not require too much grooming. Single brushing in a week is enough for them. And bathing is entirely dependent on the necessity and the weather.

          2 Popular Types Of Mountain Cur Breed

          Many types of Mountain Curs are available in the Kentucky mountains. Most of these dogs are highly adaptive and muscular. Here are the names of two popular types of Mountain Breed dogs.

          Black Mouth Mountain Cur

            Black mouth mountain curs are rare than the regular ones. But from the first appearance, you will know the difference. Regular mountains curs are more small-boned dogs than the black mouth cur. Their black mouth is one significant difference. And BMC is more aggressive than the Mountains Curs. The regular mountains curs have a longer coat.

            Kemmer Stock Mountain Cur

              The Kemmer stock mountain cur breeds are smaller in size but have excellent hunting potentiality. Robert Kemmer, the Tennessee-based man, first introduces them. And these dog breeds have all the characteristics of the Cur dogs. You are getting all in a smaller package with the same intelligence level and playfulness in a line of squirrel dogs.

              Frequently Asked Question About Mountain Cur 

              Black Mouth Curs Are Common Dog Breeds?

              These dogs are not less than any popular dog breeds in the US. Statewide these dog breeds are popular, but these dogs are still not getting recognition from  American Kennel Club (AKC)

              Is Black Mouth Cur A Mixed Breed?

              Mountain curs are originated from the Kentucky mountains and the Tennessee areas. These dogs are artificially engineered or bred. But these dogs are not mixed or artificially bred.

              Is Black Mouth Cur An Aggressive Dog  Breed?

              Every dog can be polite or aggressive. Depending on the socialization level, every dog’s breed is determined. These dog breeds are pretty muscular and energetic. So you have to spend more time on socialization.

              How Much Does A Black Mouth Cur Puppy Cost?

              The average cost of an individual black mouth cur puppy is around  $310 – $360. But if you want to have an adult one. Then first visit any shelter and pick one of these popular breeds.


              The black mouth mountain cur is not an uncommon breed. But as the American Kennel Club is still not recognizing these breeds, you do not frequently see these dog breeds inside the state. But in the mountain towns, there are pretty common dog breeds. Now you know all about these dog breeds, but there is one that these dog breeds are not hypoallergenic. So if you are searching for any hypoallergenic dog breeds, you have to select something else.

              Which types of mountain cur dog do you want to adopt? Do not forget to share your dog parent experience in the comment sections.

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