One last attempt was made to save a doggo suffering from a very mysterious illness affecting the whole nation, and it seemed to work. One vet just decided to prescribe the well-known COVID-19 drug meant for fellow humans. Yes, we are talking about Paxlovid – and guess what? It seemed to actually work.

Cash, a bulldog, was struggling to even breathe – coughing up blood with inflamed lungs was spared when a vet, Doug Swain, D.V.M. at the Lyman Vet Clinic located in Iowa’s Cass County gave him antiviral pills.

Dr. Swain told KCCI 8, a news outlet based in Iowa, about his decision because there was almost nothing to lose, adding that within a few days, the dog started recovering after staying on the brink of death.

Since then, the vet has kept on prescribing Paxlovid to different dogs experiencing severe cases of this mysterious illness. Dr. Swain said he came up with this solution after finding out that the owners of these struggling animals have been suffering from COVID in recent news. In fact, the symptoms are very similar to what humans have been facing.

He added that he was able to notice the similarities in symptoms between humans and digs. He observed how the impacted dogs started looking like the vet looked after spending nine days in the ICU after being affected by COVID-19.

In this context, the American Veterinary Medical Association said that this mysterious illness in dogs has been reported in 14 states at the very least. There is no official statement as of now, and laboratories across the country are working hard to come up with an official reason behind this disease.

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