If there is something or someone that everybody needs in their lives, then it is a pet animal. These domestic animals become our best friends and leave a lasting impact on our lives and hearts long after they are gone.

Several options are in front if you think about adopting a pet animal. Some prefer dogs, while some prefer cats. Some people go to the extreme level and adopt a tiger or a snake. Being a cat lover myself, I would advise you to stick with the former options.

Even though debates are always about which pet animal is the best between cats and dogs, I do not want to pick sides. That is primarily because both the species have something unique to offer in their ways. But no matter which one wins in this unwritten and unannounced competition, they both have our hearts.

In this article, however, I will talk to you about cats. And not just any cat. I will be talking about the loyal and loving ragdoll kittens and cats. To learn about them, stick till the end…

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Cat Breeds

 all Cat Breeds

When it comes to breeds, there is a massive range to choose from in the case of cats. The most famous cat breeds are the Siamese, the Bengal Cat, the Main Moon, the Bombay Cat, the Burmese Cat, and the Ragdoll.

However, the list does not end here. According to the studies done in 2019 by the TICA, or The International Cats Association, there are more than 73 standardized breeds of cats. And these are only the domestic cats.

A few of these are:

  • Abyssinian cats
  • Aegean Cats
  • Bengal Cats
  • Bombay cats
  • Brazilian Shorthair cats
  • Chausie cats
  • Cyprus cats
  • German Rex cats
  • Highlander cats
  • Japanese Bobtail cats
  • Korean Bobtail cats
  • Munchkin cats
  • Norwegian Forest cats
  • Ragdoll cats
  • Russian blue cats
  • Siberian cats
  • Sphynx cats

Ragdoll Cats

All about Ragdoll Cats

If you have been looking for one of the most affectionate and family-friendly cats to pet, then look no further as we have a solution for you. Try adopting a ragdoll kitten and thank us later. 

They are tiny and completely white when they are kittens, but they become the largest and one of the most luxuriantly coated breeds of cats as they grow up.

It is a protracted, muscular cat with a vast chest, short neck, and robust legs underneath an outstanding, dense, silky, semi-lengthy to long-haired coat.

The tail is lengthy and hairy, and the coat inside the grownup ragdoll cat forms fluffy trousers at the hind legs and a brilliant ruff around the neck.

They’re an excellent option for first-time cat owners. They enjoy being active at home and are also extremely intelligent and wise. They are very dependent but can easily stay alone in a house for a day. 

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Personality of Ragdoll cats

Ragdolls are always curious and willing to assist you in your everyday activities. However, they might choose to sit down in your ebook or office work or watch from a sunny spot while you garden, in place of something too strenuous.

The Ragdoll is often referred to as ‘astonishingly equable,’ which is a very agreeable, comfortable, affectionate, and relaxed cat to share your house with. Their lovely appearance and mild, languid nature are impossible to resist!


Health of Ragdoll cats

Whether your cat is pedigreed or a mixed breed, they can have various health problems. Some of these are:

  • A form of heart disease called Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. The cats inherit it. 
  • Stone in the bladder
  • A kind of infection called the feline infectious peritonitis


A Ragdoll has a mild or light-colored body with a darker face, ears, legs, and tail. They are available in three styles and colors: mitted with white, bicolor with white, and colorpoint without white. Ragdolls don’t attain their full size and coat development until they are three to 4 years old.

Name Ragdoll 
Lifespan 13 to 17 years
Weight 7- 9 kgs
Origin California 
Colors Chocolate, Golden, Lilac, and Blue Pointed

Ragdoll Facts That You Should Know!

1. They Are Friendly

Ragdoll Are Friendly with children

There is a reason why ragdolls are called one of the most family-friendly cats. They are very peaceful, docile, and affectionate to the owners (especially with the kids).

Because of their docile nature, many people used to think that they were resistant to pain.

2. Is It A Cat Or A Dog?

Ragdoll behaves like dog

If you have ever wanted a pet that behaves like a dog or has ever been confused between the playful and energetic dogs and the silent and inactive cats, you should go with Ragdolls. They are the best of both worlds. 

When it comes to playfulness and loyalty, the ragdolls impersonate the character of a dog. This is why many call this breed puppy-like or dog-like cats.

3. They Are The Smartypants!

The Smartypants

They are very intelligent and are always aware of their surroundings. They are the smarty-paws and are very easy to train. This is the reason why many people tend to buy ragdolls. They are great for 

4. Snow White

Snow White

When they are born, the ragdoll kittens are white. They do not develop the specs that would distinguish them from other cats. The patterns and the color of the coat develop a bit later (varies from 2 to 3 weeks).

5. Eyes Are Pure Blue

Eyes Are Pure Blue

The one thing that you can notice when you see a Ragdoll is the doll-like eyes that are blue in color. No matter the color of the coat or fur, the purebred ragdolls have crystal blue eyes.

If you find any other shades of color in their eyes, know that they are not purebreds. They’re probably mixed.

6. Quiet Ones

Quiet Ones

These cats are very quiet, which does not mean that they are not that playful. On the contrary, because they are so quiet, they are one of the best cats allowed in apartments. They will only make a sound when they need something or are in pain.

7. They Live Longer

Compared to other cats, the lives of ragdolls are much longer. They live for 12 to 17 years. In many cases, it has been seen that a ragdoll cat went on to live for even 20 years. However, the age might differ from cat to cat. The indoor cats, to be specific, live for a much extended period.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Ragdoll Cats Make Good Pets?

If you are looking for a family-friendly cat, the ragdoll cats are the ones that you should adopt. They are often called puppy cats because of their affectionate behavior. Thus, they make excellent pets.

2. What Is Unique About Ragdoll Cats?

Apart from being extremely cute, one of the best things about the ragdoll cats is that it is incredibly docile. They have a peaceful and affectionate temperament that makes them great house pets.

3. Do Ragdoll Cats Shed A Lot?

Considering the fact that they have long hair or fur, you may think that they shed a lot. However, ragdoll cats do not shed as much as you feel, contrary to popular belief. How much they shed depends on the season, temperature, and other environmental factors.

4. Are Ragdoll Cats Indoor Cats?

Yes. The Ragdoll cats are one of the happiest when made to stay indoors. However, because they are not very good with roads, it is better to install fences and other boundaries and make your garden or lawn as cat-proof as possible.

The Purrrrfect End

If you are looking for some pet animals for your home, it is time that you adopt a cat or a kitten. There are a variety of cat breeds available for you to choose from. From Siamese to Maine Moon, the option is large. But if you want a family-friendly and affectionate cat, you should look for a Ragdoll cat.

These are not only social and affectionate but also extremely smart. Compared to any other domestic cat, they have a higher intelligence level. This is why they can communicate a lot better with their owners than most cats.

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