Huskies are descendants of wolves, and that makes them majestic dogs with high intelligence and the ability to do hard work. 

But the things that make huskies so unique and rare are their beautiful fur colorations and eye colors. And one of the rarest huskies is the Red Husky. 

So let’s dive down to know all that we can about these rare beautiful rare Siberian red husky. But before that, here is an overview of red huskies. 


Red husky Overview

Here are a few things about Red huskies that we should know beforehand. 

FeatureMale Female
SizeMedium-sized Medium-sized
Weight 45 – 60lb (20 – 27 kgs)35 – 50lb (16 – 23 kg)
Height21 – 23.5’’ (53 – 60cm)20 – 22” (51 – 56 cm)
Lifespan12 -14 years12 – 14 years
Litter Size4 – 8 puppies

The red Husky is a breed of the Siberian Husky and not an entirely different breed. These red huskies are often called by other names, such as.

  • Red Husky dog,
  • Red Siberian Husky,
  • Alaskan Husky,
  • Or, Siberian Husky

In general, these Huskies are quite friendly and sociable dog breeds, and they are generally happy dogs that love to stay around people and especially children. These are the reason why they make great house pets. 

But you need to be a very active family since the red husky dog breeds are known to be very active dogs and love to do hard work. If they get bored, they tend to become quite mischievous and howl like wolves. 

History Of The Breed

History Of The Breed

The huskies are a dog breed that first originated in northern Asia, also called Siberia. Which is why they are called Siberian Husky. They were bred by a tribe called the Chuchki about 3000 years ago. These huskies were bred for the purpose of sled dogs and companionship. 

These Siberian Huskies are known to be pack dogs, they were extensively used during the Alaskan Gold Rush in early 20th Century. 

Are They Part Wolf? Different Types Of Siberian Husky

It is believed that earlier, the now domesticated dogs were from the genetics of Gret wolves, and about 15,000 years ago, humans domesticated these dogs. But the Siberian Huskies are the only breed that still resembles their ancestors. 

The reason for the wolf-like resemblance of the Siberian Husky is due to the genetic mixing of already present DNA from ancient interbreeding. 

The thing about Siberian Huskies is that they are pure breeds; they are not usually interbreeding in order to keep their true nature and personality intact. 

The Siberian Huskies come in many different colors, such as black and white husky and red and white husky. The rarest color of Huskies is a pure Siberian White Husky

Main Characteristics

Main Characteristics

The Siberian husky red and white are great as family dogs as they are fiercely loyal, lovable, and just happy dogs. They are not aggressive as they are not used as hunting dogs. 

1. Loyalty & Lifestyle

Loyalty & Lifestyle

The word that describes a Red Husky is loyalty; these dogs are fiercely loyal to their family members. You will enjoy every moment with these red huskies around. 

Although being very lovable, these dogs need to be very active, or else if bored, they tend to be mischievous and naughty. They will chew on things or will just take off. 

They are great dogs for people of all ages. But since they are a very stubborn breed of dog, they need proper training and need to be taught boundaries. 

If you have seen videos of them online, then you would know that huskies make weird noises and even howl like wolves. 

2. Reputation & Popularity

The reputation of red husky dog breed is that they are weird, lovable, and energetic. These huskies are not at all aggressive and don’t bark, which is why they are not good as guard dogs. 

The Siberian Red Husky is one of the most popular pets for families to have. In the 1950s, the Siberian Husky became the 13the most popular dog in the US and came in 9th in the UK. 

3. Trainability & Sociability

Trainability & Sociability

The Siberian husky puppy red, is known to be very active and stubborn at the same time but not that easy to train. They are known to be strong-willed dogs who get bored easily. 

And when they get bored, they tend to become mischievous and quite the escape artist. They are very familiar with the zoomies. 

Siberian husky puppy red known to be quite gentle and lovable puppies, but early socialization is needed since how they will act near strangers and children in public is not known. 

4. Intelligence & Strength

It is a fact that all Siberian Huskies are known to be energetic, intelligent, and strong. They are genetically mutated to work for long hours with little food and water. Huskies are known to have endless stamina and want some activity at all times. 

5. Behaviour & Temperament

Behaviour & Temperament

You need to keep a Red Husky busy at all times. They crave activity, or else if bored, they can be destructive by running around and chasing smaller animals. Although Huskies don’t bark, they tend to howl, but not so often.  

In general, Huskies are really funny and lovable, gentle animals. They love to have company and be around people. 

Health Problems

Health Problems

If your Red husky is a purebred, then it is possible that they inherited a few genetic diseases from their ancestors. If of the health problems that Red husky dogs go through is.

• Zinc Deficiency

Due to the evolved food diet, Huskies are no longer getting a fish-based diet that is rich in zinc. And due to that deficiency, different types of skin problems start to appear. Take them to the vet to resolve any type of such problems. 

• Bloat

This is a problem that dog breeds with deep chests suffer from. Bloating occurs when a dog eats way too much food and water at the same time or eats just before exercising. 

Huskies are prone to bloating since their diet has evolved throughout the years. From a rich protein-based diet, it shifted to a rice and grain-based diet. 

Due to this, gas forms in the stomach, and if the gas doesn’t pass, the stomach will twist and blocks the blood flow to the heart. Ultimately resulting in death. 

If bloating happens, urgent medical attention is needed. Signs of restlessness after eating are signs of bloating. 

• Thyroid Dysfunction

Like in humans, thyroid dysfunction is a genetic problem that should be screened before breeding. This can lead to lethargy, weight loss or gain, and also overactive behavior. 

• Diarrhea

This is yet another health problem that is caused as a result of evolved food diet. So in order to resolve such issues, the ratio of grains and proteins need to be adjusted, It is best to consult a vet regarding the food proportions. 

Other possible diseases include certain skin conditions and allergies, eye diseases, and hip dysplasia. 

Pros & Cons Of Red Husky

Whenever you are adopting a pet, there are certain pros and cons that you should be aware of beforehand. So the pros and cons of red husky are as below. 

Beautiful and cute physical appearanceNot at all a good guard dog
Big PersonalityDoesn’t bark, but howls (not too much)
High StaminaMisbehaves if left alone
Loyal to their familyGreat escape artist
Very smart, yet gentle-naturedWill chase small animals
Loves to just run aroundSheds a lot

Wrapping Up!

So now that you know everything there is to know about Red Husky, then you can make an informed decision about whether you want to get one or not. 

If you think you cross all the criteria of owning a red husky, then you should definitely get one. If you liked this article, then let us know by leaving us a comment down below.

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