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The world can be said to be divided into two types of people. Precisely, they are either cat lovers or dog lovers. Now I do not want to start a war here, so I will talk about only one. The cat.

But for those who might say, “In the end, she chose the cat!” I have a surprise for you.

I will be talking about the Ringtail cats. And these, my friend, are not just the cats. Instead, they are from a family of raccoons.

So, if you are looking for facts about this breed, or are a curious soul like me, who wants to know about the fascinating Ringtail cat, keep on reading the article till the end…

Ringtail Cats: What’s That?

Popularly called the ringtail cat, the ringtail is an animal that is a part of the raccoon family. These are most commonly found in the North American region. However, they are also found in plenty in the northern part of Mexico and Colorado.

They are also called the “cat with raccoon tail” because of their striped tail, which is very similar to that of a raccoon.

Ringtail cat are a kind of omnivorous animal who resemble the size of a domestic cat but look like a fox. They are not the most common domestic animals that you may find in a house. However, if you think of petting one, these are not the most difficult to train.

😺 Appearance

cat with raccoon tail

In case you are wondering how to identify a ringtail cat, let me tell you one thing. Identifying a ringtail is not the hardest thing to do in the world. Instead, I can guarantee that you will be able to conclude that it is a ringtail cat the moment you spot one.

The best and the most distinguishing feature of the ringtail cat is the tail of the animal. The long tail of the animal makes it look like lemurs or raccoons.

The tail of the mammal is long and bushy. It has seven or more black rings throughout the entire tail, and that is why it is called so. They are generally light brown to khaki in color with exceptionally large and round ears.

The eyes of the animal are very large, and a white circular band surrounds it.

😺 Personality

Like any other nocturnal animal, the ringtail is said to be the most active during nighttime. This is when they go in search of food.

The animal is a solitary one, which means that it does not stick to groups. This is something that makes it different from the lemurs, the one that you can easily confuse the ringtail with.

However, when they are young, they are unable to obtain food on their own. In that sense, they are Altricial animals. After they become adults, they can take care of things like hunting and mating and go separate ways from their parents.

😺 Diet

As I have already mentioned above, the ringtail cats are omnivores. This means that they eat both animals as well as plants. So, in case you have other small pets at home, you must be looking for the answer to “are ringtail cats dangerous?”

Well, the answer to that is, hey may be. When left in the wild, the ringtail cats survive by eating small animals like rabbits, rodents, and squirrels. So, if you have a rabbit at home, you might want to reconsider your urge to adopt a ringtail as a pet.

When it comes to plant-type food, the ringtail cat is a fan of eating persimmons, acorns, and several types of berries.

Some Lesser-Known Facts About Ringtail Cats

In case you were looking for some of the lesser known facts about Ringtail cats, you have found the right place. Here are the facts about this breed of cats that many did not know:

  • The ringtail cats are extremely rare.
  • These cats are not the ones that you may domesticate most of the times
  • An adult ringtail cat can be up to 35 cm in length
  • The scientific name of the ringtail cats is Bassariscus astutus which means cunning little fox.
  • The ringtail cats are not exactly cats. Rather, they are from a family of raccoons
  • They live for a maximum of 15 years
  • The tail of the Ringtail cat provides them with balance
  • They are called the miner’s cats because the miners of California and Arizona had them as their companions.
  • The tail of the animal also helps them to climb the branches of long trees.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Getting A Ringtail Cat as Pets

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you want a Ringtail cat as pet: 

  • Legalities: In many places, it’s illegal to keep a ringtail cat as a pet without the proper permits. Make sure to check your local laws and regulations.
  • Habitat: Ringtail cats are wild animals that prefer natural habitats like caves, mine shafts, and riparian canyons. They may not adapt well to a home environment.
  • Diet: Ringtail cats are omnivores and their diet includes snakes, rodents, mice, insects, birds, and bird eggs. Providing a suitable diet in a domestic setting could be challenging.
  • Health Risks: Ringtail cats can carry diseases such as rabies and panleukopenia, and they can also host parasites. It’s important to consider these health risks for both the ringtail cat and any other pets or humans in the household.
  • Lifespan: Ringtail cats can live up to 16 years in captivity. Be prepared for a long-term commitment if you decide to keep one as a pet.
  • Animal Welfare: Consider the welfare of the animal. Wild animals like ringtail cats are not accustomed to living in domestic environments and may experience stress or discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Ringtail Cats Be Good Pets?

If we consider that these animals are not cats and are better left in the wild, then you may understand that the ringtail cats are not the best breed to be kept as pets.

At the same time, if you want to domesticate a ringtail cat in your house, it is best you talk to the vets and then make the decision.

2. Where Do Ringtail Cats Live?

These ringtail cats are the desert animals, and they live in the sandy areas of Northern Mexico, Southwestern Oregon, Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Utah.

3. Are Ringtail Cats Lemurs?

Even if the tail of the Ringtail cats looks like that of a lemur, these cat breeds are neither lemurs and not exactly cats. Rather, they are a kind of the members of the raccoon family.

Ending It On A Purrfect Note!

The Ringtail cats are not really cats. Rather, they are from the family of raccoons and have an appearance similar to that of lemurs. Therefore, they are not the best breed to be kept as pets.

This is because no matter how big your house is, it will still seem small compared to the vast deserts, which are the natural habitat of the mammal.

If you were looking for some facts about the ringtail cats, I hope you found this article helpful. In case you are considering keeping them as a pet, you should talk to a certified vet. If there are any other queries related to the same, feel free to write them down in the comment section.

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