Rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids, salmon oil is a powerhouse supplement for supporting our dogs’ health. So for today’s article, we are diving into all the benefits salmon oil can have for our best furbuddies. 

We’ll look at how salmon oil supports a stronger heart, better cognitive function, and healthier skin. But we are not stopping there, as we’ll look into other omega-3 supplements to see how they stand up to salmon oil. And you know we’ll be looking at the side effects of ChefPaw salmon oil for dogs, but don’t expect to be reading that section for long thanks to salmon oil’s near non-existent side effects. 

What Does Salmon Oil Do For Dogs?

What can’t salmon oil do for dogs is probably the better question to ask! 

Salmon oil is renowned for its rich content of omega-3 fatty acids, particularly EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), These two omega fatty acids are essential for your dog’s overall health and well-being. Omega-3 fatty acids play pivotal roles in various physiological functions that contribute significantly to our dogs’ spiritedness. 

By protecting their heart, cognition, skin, and coat, salmon oil is one of the best ways to supplement in omega-3 fatty acids as salmon is quite high in EPA and DHA. 

Salmon Oil For Dogs Benefits

Salmon Oil For Dogs Benefits

Natural: Salmon oil serves as a natural supplement for dogs, providing numerous health benefits without the need for synthetic additives.

There are a lot of natural supplements out there, but none have the amount of research that has well-established their benefits like omega-3 supplements.  

  • Tasty and Easy to Administer: You’d be hard-pressed to find a dog that doesn’t enjoy the taste of salmon oil. This makes it as easy as can be to incorporate it into their diet, whether mixing it into their food or administering it directly. 
  • Supports Overall Wellness: Regular supplementation with salmon oil supports a dog’s overall wellness, from their skin and coat to their internal organs and cognitive function.
  • Anti-inflammatory: The anti-inflammatory properties of salmon oil make it an effective natural remedy for conditions such as arthritis, allergies, and inflammatory skin disorders.
  • Balanced Nutrition: Including salmon oil in a dog’s diet helps ensure they receive a balanced ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids, which is crucial for maintaining optimal health. Too much omega-6s (abundantly found in farmed-raised land animals and plants) increases inflammation in the body. But omega-3s will directly combat that, allowing omega-6s to just benefit our dogs. 
  • Vet Recommended: Many veterinarians recommend salmon oil as part of a dog’s diet, recognizing its numerous health benefits and positive impact on canine well-being. Salmon oil has a very favorable safety profile, with fishy burps being the most common. 

Salmon Oil For Dogs Side Effects

When following the recommended daily dosage for dogs, you shouldn’t expect to see any side effects from salmon oil besides fishy burps/breath. To help with that, you can administer your dog’s salmon oil during feeding times and keep the oil in the refrigerator. 

When too much fish oil is given to a dog they can experience diarrhea, nausea, weight gain, and hypervitaminosis D (vitamin D toxicity). These side effects have only been seen in very rare cases.

How Much Salmon Oil For Dogs?

When it comes to how much salmon oil your dog needs, you should first read the product label for the recommended dosage as various fish oils will contain various amounts of EPA/DHA. Traditionally, the recommended dose of fish oil is 75-100 mg/kg total EPA/DHA. 

Canine Arthritis Research and Education (CARE) typically recommends about 100 mg/kg. For a 50lb dog, their recommended daily dose would be 2270mg with a maximum daily dose of 3227mg. 

Omega-3 Fish Oil For Dogs

Omega-3 Fish Oil For Dogs

While salmon oil is a popular choice for supplementing omega-3 fatty acids, it’s not the only omega-3 fish oil for dogs option available. 

In fact, you don’t have to even stick with fish oil as green-lipped mussels have become a very popular source for supplementing omega-3 fatty acids. 

Krill oil is another popular option but typically has 15 to 25% less EPA/DHA compared to salmon oil.

There are several foods you can give your dog that can satisfy their omega-3 needs. In a 6oz severing, anchovies, sardines, and salmon can provide around 3000 mg of omega-3 fatty acids. 

As with all treats, you never want them to make up more than 10% of your dog’s daily calories. 

However, fish is a popular protein source when making dog food, but should be monitored as its higher histamine levels can exacerbate food allergy symptoms. 

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil For Dogs

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for dogs is the most popular version of fish oil due to its higher nutritional content, higher levels of DHA/EPA, and lower saturated fat amount. Wild Alaskan Salmon oil for dogs is going to be slightly more expensive, but as you can see, there are several good reasons for that. 

Should You Give Your Dog Salmon Oil?

Due to several concerning practices often seen in commercial pet foods that reduce their nutritional value, many dogs will see benefits when supplemented with salmon oil. 

Higher-quality commercial dog food brands typically add omega-3s to their foods due to the wealth of benefits they can have. If you’re creating your dog food at home, which is very easy to do nowadays thanks to countertop dog food makers, you’ll likely want to include salmon oil into your diet.  

Now, if you’re feeding your dog a lot of fish on the side or fish is one of their main sources of protein in their daily meals, then your dog is probably getting all the omega-3s they need. However, it’s a great idea to bring up whether you should give your dog salmon oil during your dog’s next vet visit.

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