In the United Kingdom, an old dog was found, finally getting a chance at a happy life in a happy home.

Lost Dog Recovery UK South, a nonprofit organization, posted on Facebook about Rose, a 12-year-old Patterdale Terrier who has been lost for the past six 6, has finally gotten the opportunity to have a family.

The organization mentioned it all started when they got a text about a small black dog running around near Crawley Down, West Sussex, stopping traffic in the process. The nonprofit organization wanted to investigate as well as set out food items for the dog accompanied by cameras to monitor her movements.

At the same time, they also asked people in the area about the dog, and they found out that it was a stray “who lived locally for “about ten years and that she should be left alone because she was in good condition, fed, and cared for.”

After finding out the situation with a different household that had been leaving out food items for wild animals and was “responsible for her care,” the organization decided that they could help the dog. On 9th December, they got a trap and set out a feast (warm roast chicken), managing to get a hold of her around 8 p.m.The organization shared, “Understandably, she was shocked and scared, but very gentle, and was taken immediately to the warmth and safety of kennels. After the initial shock, our absolute JOY at finding a long-lost dog is tinged with sadness as there is no “happy reunion” for Rose; she never got the chance to know the love of her family.”

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