Taylor Swift was named Person of the Year 2023 – who knew it was the perfect opportunity for her to show her love for cats?

The magazine in question had posted three cover pictures on Wednesday where the Grammy winner was seen posing in black tights and a long-sleeved bodysuit in black accompanied by an interesting accessory. Initially, we thought it was a fluffy, cute boa, but then, at a second glance, we realized it was Benjamin Button, her Ragdoll cat.

The 33-year-old singer celebrated this achievement on Instagram, sharing the photos on her Instagram. The caption said: “Time Magazine: We’d like to name you Person of the Yea- / Me: Can I bring my cat.”

She also shared some other beautiful photos from the shoot, writing, “The biggest, loudest, most aggressively over-excited thank you to @time for naming me Person of the Year.”

Swift is mother to her three cats:

  • Scottish Fold Meredith Grey adopted in 2011,
  • Olivia Benson adopted in 2014, and
  • Benjamin Button adopted in 2019.

The sweet adoption story of Benjamin began when the singer came across Benjamin as a small kitten on the music video sets of ‘ME!’ The kittens went on to star alongside Olivia and Meredith in the video, though Swift was not his mom at the time. On an Instagram live with Brendon Urie, the frontman for Panic! At the Disco, Swift opened up about how she adopted Benjamin after the shoot for the video was over. At the time, she said, “He was just a cute kitten who didn’t have a home. He was part of a program that tries to get cute kittens adopted by putting them in commercials and stuff.

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