In a residential neighborhood of Tucson, Arizona, a bear cub was discovered, and now the general public can meet him officially.

The staff of Bearizona Wildlife Park named the cub Buddy after the protagonist of Elf. The cub has also been taken to a vet for a general checkup at the Bearizona Wildlife Park. In addition, the park has welcomed the cub to its property and now he is living in a quarantine-safe area separately.

The park shared that starting from Friday, people visiting the park can actually meet the bear cub in this safe area. Only last week, the cub weighed only a mere fifteen pounds, leaving everyone to wonder how the cub has managed to survive on its own in the wild.

Bearizona Wildlife Park’s official account on Instagram shared Buddy’s whole story on Tuesday. In the caption of the post, the park has quoted an Arizona fish and game spokesman, Mark Hart who talked about how the weight of the cub is shockingly low.

Hart said, “A 15-pound bear should be about four or five months old. The math doesn’t work.”

Typically, the account shared that bear cubs in the United States are born during the beginning of the year. The park’s COO, Dave O’Connell, added that the cubs around the 1-year to 10-month mark should ideally weigh around seventy pounds. Hart also said, “We would have thought that a bear that size would have been picked off by a predator. A coyote, a mountain lion, or even another bear.”

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