American Wirehair

History Of American Wirehair

It was 1966 when a cat parent couple parented a cat breed with wiry hair.One male kitten from the group of five lived and grew up to be a cat.This cat changed parents and finally lived in a neighborhood of NYC as Adam.Adam stands to be the forefather of all the American Wirehair cats.

Physical Attributes Of American Wirehair Cats

The body of the American Wirehair cat is generally medium to large. The head and the ears of the cat breed are also in proportion.The eyes of the cat are round and clear.

Personality Of American Wirehair Cats

The cats are quite friendly and well-mannered. The wirehair breed of cats loves the attention from their family.

General Health

The common American Wirehair is a strong cat breed. It rarely develops any chronic or acute diseases right from an early age. However, it at times goes for a breed with the American Shorthair cats.