Everything You Need To Know About The Exotic Bully

The breed of exotic bully is a recent dog breed in the world of dogs since it only originated in 2008.


The Exotic bully is a newer dog breed but has no official recognition. The bully exotic has a lot of similar attributes as other Bull breeds, such as Pitbull, Bulldog, American Bully, and any other Bully dog breeds


The exotic bully has a smooth and short coat, so it doesn’t require much grooming

Food & Diet

The best diet for both the exotic bully puppy and the adult exotic bully is lots of protein and low-fat food.

Training Tips

🐶  Use dog treats, food, and a lot of positive reinforcement.

🐶  Be consistent.

🐶 The training should be short and should be limited

Health & Health Problems

Exotic bully are known to contract ear yeast infections

Joint problems

Back problems


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