Five Long-Haired Dog Breeds Best Suited For Tundra

Standard Poodle:  Standard poodles have consistently been ranked quite high in the AKC’s annual breed popularity list for a while. These dogs are known for their stylized fur and amazing personality.

Old English Sheepdog:  It is understandable that a dog breed named Sheepdog should be included in this list. It is one of the most popular dog breeds in the UK.

Keeshond:  Keeshond or Keeshonden have descended from breeds like the Samoyed and Pomeranian. These dogs have a fox-like face and are native to Holland.

Collie:  Collies have become one of the most famous breeds of dogs ever since Lassie has found fame as a pop culture icon.  These dogs are easy to work with and can be very good partners.

American Eskimo Dog:  These dogs are very popular for their furry coats and social behavior. Their lion-like mane really makes them intimidating poodles, but their size gives them away.