Piebald French Bulldog

Pied or Piebald is the name given to a breed of French Bulldog that has a predominantly white coat with large dark patches on various parts of its body, particularly on its back, under its neck, around its ears, and around its eyes.

They must have 50 percent of white patches or spots on its body and another color must be present on its head, neck, and other parts of its body.

Pied French Bulldogs can be classified as Fawn Pied, Cream Pied, Blue Pied, or any other type of Pied

Their face shape causes various complications such as obstructed airways, eye socket problems, narrowed nostrils and dental issues

Pigment related hereditary deafness is common in light haired frenchies such as the white piebald french bulldog, fawn piebald french bulldog also known as the fawn pied french bulldog, and the blue pied french bulldog

Colors That The French Pied Bulldog Is Available In

1. Fawn Pied French Bulldog 2. Brindle Piebald French Bulldog or Brindle Pied  French Bulldog 3. Cream Pied French Bulldog 4. Pied Merle French Bulldog 5. Blue Pied Frenchie

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