African Elephant

African Elephants are the largest animals and strongest mammals on land at the moment.

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly bear is a common name for a subspecies of brown bear found in North America, which includes the northwestern United States and Western Canada

Saltwater crocodile

The Saltwater crocodile, or ‘saltie,’ an affectionate nickname given to it by Australians, is the largest reptile in the world at the moment.

Leafcutter Ant

Leafcutter ants can carry leaves that are 50 times their own weight in their jaws.

Harpy Eagle

Native to the rainforests of South and Central America, Harpy Eagles are considered to be one of the most powerful birds of prey in the world.

Blue whale

At the moment, blue whales are the largest known living animal on Earth


Equipped with a strong bone structure and over 600 muscles, tigers can easily take down animals larger than themselves.

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