Training Your Blue Heeler

Blue Heeler dogs are highly energetic, active, and intelligent dogs known for their strong work ethic.

Teach your puppy their name, and begin crate and house training immediately. But also remember to be patient and consistent with your training.

Socialize them from a young age

1. Sit 2. Stay 3. Come 4. Heel

Teach them to follow basic commands

Be firm with them

Give treats, praise, play, and belly rubs. Save scolding and punishment for only the most extreme unwanted behaviors. Make training fun and help your dog associate it with positivity.

Be Consistent

The blue heeler is intelligent as well as strong-willed. So if you are not consistent with a particular training, it sends a message to your blue heeler that you are not serious about that specific training, and then they will start disobeying you