Ever Wondered How Many Different Types Of German Shepherds Are There

There are mainly two types of German Shepherds: Working Line German Shepherds and Show Line German Shepherds

The main difference between working line German Shepherds and Show line German Shepherds is that the former is bred for work. This includes herding, protection, and police tasks. These dogs also have high energy and a strong work ethic.

On the other hand, show-line German Shepherds are mainly bred for aesthetics and conformation. They are visually appealing, affectionate, and confident, which makes them suitable for dog shows.

The three main types of working line German Shepherds are West German Working Line German Shepherds, East German DDR Working Line German Shepherds, and Czech Working Lines German Shepherds.

The two main types of show line German Shepherds are: American Show Line German Shepherds and European Show Line German Shepherds