Types of Siamese Cats

The Apple Head

The apple head siamese cats are the original breed of the siamese cats.This type of Siamese cat has comparatively larger bones, weighing up to eighteen pounds.

Old-Style Siamese

If you are not too fond of the apple head siamese, you need to turn your eyes towards the Old-style siamese. These cats were popular back in the 1950s and 1960s, and they have mid-sized bodies.

Classic Siamese Cats

The classic siamese are the adorable long athletic siamese that you will be amazed to have beside you.

Wedge Siamese

The wedge siamese has the Siamese breeds’ most distinctive and extreme features. Also named as the wedgies, the Wedge Siamese cats have triangular wedge-shaped heads.

Chocolate Point Siamese

You can get yourself a chocolate point siamese if you are a cat lover who loves the sweet personalities of the cats. These siamese have chocolate-colored faces and paws.