If you are a fan of the show, Game of Thrones, then you would probably grow fonder of the animals of the show than the people. And among all the animal’s Ghost, the Direwolf is a fan favorite. 

That amazing-looking direwolf with red eyes is a unique wolf species. And if you are an animal lover, then you would know that Huskies are a close relative to wolves or even dire wolves. 

So if you are in love with Ghost, then you would love to own a white Husky for yourself, but you should know everything about a white husky before you own one. 


white husky overview

Before we dig deeper into these white husky,  here are a few details you should know about the white husky. 

Height 20 to 23.5 inches
Weight35 to 60 pounds
CoatThick double coat
ColorMost colors from black, brown, white, with other markings.                                           
Life Span12 – 14 years
TemperamentMischievous, playful, highly energetic, and devoted
Health IssuesCataracts, deafness, hip dysplasia, follicular dysplasia, corneal dysplasia, and zinc deficiency, and uveodermatologic syndrome
Ideal ForBest for a highly active family with kids and other pets, or outgoing couples and singles. 
The Breed ClubsThe Siberian Husky Club of America, IncThe American Kennel ClubThe United Kennel Club
Litter Size4- 8 puppies

Appearance & Personality

Appearance & Personality

The most striking features and appearance of a white husky are its face and looks. White huskies are definitely beautiful and even remarkable when they have beautiful blue, purple, or two different colors of eyes. Their eyes are the most striking features of their whole body. 

These Siberian husky white are beautiful with pointed ears, fluffy thick tails, and a thick fur coat to protect them from the harsh winter climate. Since these dogs have trained for sledding and dog racing, they are quite strong and fast. 

These white Siberian huskies are quite goofy and weird in nature; if you have seen the videos of huskies in most social media apps. Then you would be glad to have these huskies as your pet. 

White Husky with Blue Eyes 

White Husky with Blue Eyes

If you have a white husky that has pretty blue eyes, then you should find yourself to be very lucky. Because blue eyes are quite common among huskies, but these blue eyes are very rare in white huskies. 

White huskies are generally a rare color among Siberian huskies. The Serbian husky has a recessive gene that makes the snow white coat. Only a few husky has a fully white color coat. 

When you breed two huskies with the white recessive genes, then there is a chance that a white husky puppy will be born. But the chances are rare. 

All The Husky Colors

All The Husky Colors

Although white husky is a rare breed, this is not the actual color of the breed. The more dominant colors of the Siberian husky are.

  • Black & White

The most common type of Husky is the one with blue eyes with black and white husky coat color. 

  • Agouti & White

Though white Siberian huskies are the rarest color among huskies, an agouti and white coat colored husky is also one of the rarest colors. 

  • Sable & White 

Sable is a type of brownish shade that is quite a common color among Siberian huskies. This color is even more common when the breed is a german shepherd husky mix, although german shepherd husky mix white colored puppies are very cute. 

  • Grey & White

This is one of the most common and popular types of color among huskies. They have a wolf-like appearance with this colored coat. 

  • Red & White

These red & white huskies look exceptionally cute with their white facial features, with a red coat on fluffy white snow. 

Temperament: A Teddy Bear!

Husky A Teddy Bear

The White Siberian Husky is believed to have wolf genes in them since they have similar physical features, yet they have such different temperaments. Huskies are generally huge fluffy teddy bears and have the same personality as well. 

Even though they have wolf recessive genes, Huskies are huge softies, fluff balls, and love to cuddle and get all the attention they can. 

  • With Children

The best thing about huskies is that they have great personalities. They are very friendly, mischievous, and playful in nature. The white husky dog is very people-oriented and loves to be around people. 

These dogs are very kid-friendly, as they can match the same level of energy as a child. They tend to become excellent companions for children of any age. 

  • With Strangers

Since Huskies are very friendly, they are very good with kids; this is why huskies are not as great as guard dogs. But it is a relief to know that you can bring them anywhere you want without any problem. 

White Husky or any other color is very sociable and friendly in nature. So there is no problem with them hanging around other people. 

  • With Other Dogs

If you already have other dogs at home and wondering whether or not you should get a husky as well. Then let me tell you, you can get a husky without any worry. They are very friendly, even with other doggos, and would love to have a furry playmate. 

Since huskies usually have high energy and it takes a long to tire them out. If you can’t play with them, shaving another dog is the best way to go. 

Training and socializing

Every dog needs to be trained and socialized, and this is no exception for white Huskies as well. But before you start working on your pup’s socializing skills just wait til they are fully vaccinated. But you can try a lot of the socialiing activities at home, without taking them out before getting them vaccinated. Make sure that these experience are creating a positive impact on them and do not force them into doing something they are not comfortable with.

White Huskies are athletic breeds. They are strong and powerful, so it is a good idea to start training them while they are still a puppy.theyare a bit mischievous, and hard headed, so it might get a bit tough sometimes and frustrating as they also get bored easily. But once you know how to train them and what can keep them entertained while training, you will start bonding better with them.

Physical exercise and mental stimulation

It is important to take your white husky for exercising every day. It not just helps them stay active,but also keeps their heart, joints, musclesand bones strong. It also keeps them mentally healthy and helps in reducing stress and anxiety. It helps them with their behavioial issues.

You can take them out fora walk, or schedule running sessions, hiking as well as swimming. Alog with all these exercises, they should be able to get a lot of playtime on their own. They do not stay well within enclosed walls, they should be allowed to roam around in open areas. They like staying outdoors.

White huskies are not just energetic but they are intelligent as well. They work better when they have something that will constantly help with their mental stimulation. They need something that keeps thm engaged. Try setting up obstacle couches as a part of their exercise, or play a game of hide and seek with them, they will enjoy that as well.

6 facts that you need to know about White Siberian Husky

White Siberian Husky

If you are ready to bring a mischievous little white husky to your home, then here are a few facts you should know beforehand. 

  1. Get a tall fence for your backyard. Since the Huskies are a very athletic dog breed, they are very high jumpers. They hardly care about injuring themselves, they can go to any heights, literally. 
  1. You need to train them every day. White Siberian husky is a stubborn breed and very smart at the same time. They will push your buttons to your limits, so work with them every day. 
  1. Winter is coming! Let them go crazy on the snow. The Huskies are originally a Siberian dog breed, so they love the snow and the cold weather. So let them play in the snow as much as possible.
  1. For God’s love, never ever shave a Siberian Husky. Huskies need their thick long coat to regulate their body heat. So never ever shave them. 
  1. They are difficult to potty train. Huskies will test your patience till your limit, but stay patient; even though they are hard to potty train, they will learn eventually. 
  1. They don’t bark. They howl. If you think continuous barking is annoying, wait till you hear continuous howling and arguing. Huskies are notorious for arguing with their owners and talking back with them. Howling is how they communicate. 

Wrapping Up! 

If you want to know, there are hundreds of reasons why the White Siberian Husky is a unique dog breed. But when you are getting a husky, all you need to know is that once you get a husky, your life will never be boring. 

They will fill your life with entertainment and laughter. They are descendants of wolves but are huge teddy bears and will love you always.

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