Unlike dogs, bonding with a cat takes a lot of time and patience. They don’t like to be disturbed and cuddled with at the beginning, which is why creating a bond as strong is quite difficult.

But once they tend to trust you and be near to you, then they will show all the affection in the world to you. They would even lay on your chest, then you might be asking why does my cat lay on my chest?

The reason is they feel protected and safe that way. Although there are more reasons to know them all, keep on scrolling through this article, to know all the reasons.

Reasons Why Does My Cat Lay On My Chest

Reasons Why Does My Cat Lay On My Chest

If you are a first time cat parent then you might see that after a while, your cat is lying on your chest and sleeping. But why are they doing that? Why does my cat lay on my chest?

To know the answer to that question, you need to scroll down through the article. There are a lot of reasons why does my cat lay on my chest and purr, so keep on scrolling through this article.

1. You Are Their Love Buds

You Are Their Love Buds

Once you are a cat parent, then you will get to know that cats have a unique way of saying that they love you and they approve of you. One way is they always tend to rub their head on your limbs.

With time they will move closer to you and end up lying on your chest to cuddle. Then you might be thinking, why does my cat lay on my chest? It is because they are comfortable with your presence, and they approve of you as well.

2. You Are Their Comfy Bug

You Are Their Comfy Bug

From the likes of Garfield, we get to know that cats are very lazy and look for comfort as much as possible. So most of the time, you will find your cats all curled up and snuggled in a warm and cozy corner, like inside a blanket or inside a cabinet.

But suppose you are sleeping, that cozy corner can also be curled up on your chest of snuggling next to you. They like to be comfortable as much as possible.

3. Marking Their Territory

Like all big cats in the wild, domesticated cats are also known for marking their territory, and that can even include a person.

Cats are very territorial and protective over their space and area, and even humans. But that form of affection and bond should come from the cat, and you can’t force that.

If your cat jumps on your lap and starts purring, then you might think, why does my cat lay on my chest and purr, it is because they have marked you as their territory.

4. They Like Listening To Your Heartbeat

They Like Listening To Your Heartbeat

If you are a first-time cat parent, then you might be wondering why does my cat like to lay on my chest, are you ready to hear such the purest form of love and tenderness?

Both kittens and grown up cats love to listen to your heartbeat while they snuggle up with you. They do this because this way, they feel safe and secure with you, and they are able to trust you completely as well.

5. You Are Their Protector

When it comes to cats, they have a natural instinct to be hunters, similar to bigger cats in the wild. So it takes a lot of time for these cats to show their softer slide to you or to even trust you.

They might take a lot of time to develop this. But once they develop a strong bond with you, they feel very protective around you and will always be around you and even follow you everywhere.

6. You Give Them A Warm Hug

You Give Them A Warm Hug

Cats like to cuddle and curl up for warmth. So it is possible that the way you give hugs and cuddle up with them is something that they love.

This is a possibility of why does my cat lay on my chest, the reason is to cuddle up with you for warmth. So if you see your cat cozying up with you, then let them, don’t push them away.

7. They Are A Bit Stressed Or Anxious

If you think you are the only one who gets stressed and anxious, then you are wrong, animals, too, get stressed and suffer anxiety.

But unlike you, they don’t get a proper outlet for that, so they show it through their gestures. And for most cats, they might climb on top of you and lay there as a stress relieving method.

8. They Trust You

For every animal in the world, the reason why they come near a human is that they grow to trust that person and nothing else. Similarly, for cats, both shelter and street cats, gaining their trust is important.

Most of these cats are either homeless or abandoned, so for them trusting a human takes time. But once it happens, that trust is for life.

Do Cats Have A Favorite Person? How To Tell?


There are particular ways in which a cat is able to say that you are their favorite person. And to know these reasons read the points listed down below.

  • If your cat likes you, they will definitely bring you random gifts like dead rodents or insects. These are gross but are a token of gratitude for the kitties. 
  • They are going to put their paws on top of your belly and even lay on top of you.
  • The cat will be headbutting you as well as rubbing their whole body on your pants and legs.
  • They will lay on their back to show their belly whenever you are around.
  • The tail twitching and wagging is a huge sign that your cat likes you.
  • Your cat will purr whenever you are near, even for the question, why does my cat lay on my chest and purr? This is the answer to that.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you are well aware of the reasons why does my cat lay on my chest, then you can understand how they actually feel about you.

That way, you will understand whether you are their favorite person or not as well. So if you feel like this article was quite helpful for you, then give it a like and comment down below as well.

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