As a dog parent, I get very tense when I see my dog limping, not everyone can understand that feeling quite well, who are not pet parents. If you see your puppy limping, does it mean that they are hurt or is seriously in pain?

Or even the dog cut paw pad of their foot. There are certain possibilities that can create this limping effect, pain, and cut on dog paw pads, so if you wanna know more about their pain.

Then you need to keep on reading this article and gather all the necessary information that you should have for the future. So keep on scrolling through this article to know more about the topic.

What Are Paw Pads Injuries?

What Are Paw Pads Injuries

If you have a dog, there are majorly three types of paw pads that you need to know: the metatarsal pad, the primary pad, and the metacarpal pad, which are located right above their foot.

The dog paw pads are an essential part of their body that provides shock absorption when the dog jumps or runs. The paw pads are used to balance different temperatures on which the dog might walk or run.

Just like humans, the paw pads of dogs develop calluses with time, and they are nothing but an extra layer of protection for the small puppers.

There are many ways your dog can hurt their paw pads, either by stones, broken glass, or any other sharp objects, even harmful chemical substances are also very dangerous for sensitive dog cut paw pads.

Even if they are running or walking outside on a hot day, the hot concrete road might burn their paws as well. Healthy paw pads are very important for healthy dogs.

Different Types Of Injuries

Different Types Of Injuries

There are many different types of injuries that your dog might get into, so if your dog gets injured due to one of these injuries, then it is important that you take them to the vet immediately. So here are a few different emergency situations that your dog might get into.

1. Scrapes, Cuts & Abrasions

While walking, running, or jumping, puppies or adult dogs hardly see where they are going, so cutting or scrapping their paw pads is quite easy. Sharp objects like broken glass, sharp objects, or other little rocks can easily hurt their paw pads.

2. Punctures

If you and your dog are walking through the woods, then it is easy for them to puncture their paw pads with broken sticks and pieces of wood lying here and there. So be very careful when you are walking with your dog through the woods or a park.

3. Cracks & Burns

When your paw pads are dry, they tend to crack, and those cracks tend to hurt a lot if not taken care of. So you should apply lotion to the paw pads to keep them moist.

During the hot summer months, the streets, sidewalks, and other rocks tend to get very hot and burn your dog’s paw pads which might hurt them a lot. So it would be great if you don’t bring out your dog outside during the daytime.

4. Chemical Burns

Even if there are many possible dangers outside, there are a few dangers at home as well, such as bleach, pool chlorinators, cement, fertilizers, cleaners, and even laundry detergent. So you should properly keep your chemical products properly at home.

5. Bug Bites Or Stings

When it comes to stings or bug bites, bee stings, and bites are pretty common for dogs. In certain areas, due to mosquito bites, dogs get hurt a lot. Ground wasps and fire ants are also very harmful when it comes to bug bites and stings.

How To Treat A Paw Injury At Home?

How To Treat A Paw Injury At Home

If suppose your dog got injured by a smaller sized wound, then you can just take care of it at home if you are well equipped to take care of such wounds at home. So here is how you are going to treat an injured dog cut paw pad.

🐾 Clean The Wound

When it comes to cleaning your dog paw pads, it is very important that, if your dog has broken pieces of glass stuck to their paws. Then it could be great if you pluck the glass with tweezers. With clean tweezers, pluck out the debris from the glasses.

Then clean the wound properly by putting it under cold running water, you may or may not use soap to clean the cut or burn on your dog cut paw pad. But you need to be very careful when you are removing the debris and cleaning everything out.

🐾 Control Any Bleeding

After cleaning, if you see that little or more blood is coming out from your dog paw pad, then you need to take a clean towel and apply pressure to it as much as possible.

For minor cuts, the bleeding should stop in a few minutes, but for deeper wounds, the blood might not stop as easily. But if the bleeding doesn’t stop for about 10 – 15 minutes, to should take your dog to a pet emergency room.

🐾 Contain/Evaluate The Wound

If you are able to stop the bleeding, then it’s time that you evaluate your dog cut paw pad. Then you should evaluate the wound, whether it is a deep cut or a clear small cut, then you should take your dog to the emergency depending on the severity of the wound.

🐾 Bandage

Now the last step that you should do is to bandage your dog cut paw pad, then bandage the wound properly. Tie the bandage properly with paper tape, and roll of gauze properly, tight enough so that it doesn’t get loose.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you have proper knowledge of how and what happens when a dog cut paw pad and what you should do when they cut their paw pads. With all the information that I have provided here in this article, then if you liked this article and comment down below.

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